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Uganda's COVID-19 cases increase to 329

Uganda registered 13 more coronavirus cases

Uganda registered 13 more coronavirus cases

Uganda has registered 12 more coronavirus cases, rising the national tally to 329. The new cases include 7 contacts to previously confirmed positive truckers and 5 cargo truckers who entered from South Sudan via Elegu.

The new cases were confirmed from the 1,928 samples tested on Friday. The number of patients who have recovered from coronavirus in Uganda increased to 72 on Friday. 

Neighbouring Kenya registered 127 new cases from the 3,831 samples tested. Kenya's confirmed cases have now risen to 1,745 and a further 17 people were discharged, rising the total number of recoveries to 438.

Meanwhile, coronavirus fatalities in Kenya rose to 62 after another 4 people died on Friday. Kenya ministry of Health chief administrative secretary Dr Mercy Mwangangi attributed the high number of infections to increased testing.  

Kenya' ministry of Health warned smokers that tobacco and nicotine inhalation damage lung and other tissues making their body more vulnerable to coronavirus. Mwangangi said COVID-19 being is a respiratory disease finds smokers' airway already damaged.

Rwanda registered 6 new cases from 1,340 samples tested, rising the national tally to 355. Confirmed cases globally have hit the 6 million mark. As of Friday at least 6,025,346 people had been infected with 366,401 deaths and 2,655,715 recoveries. 

At least 131 people died of coronavirus in Africa on Friday while a further 5,957 got infected. In South Africa, 34 people died (total 611) and another 1,837 (total 29,240) infections were confirmed.

38 people died in Sudan and another 175 got infected. In Egypt, 34 died while 1,289 more infections were registered. Nigeria recorded 387 new infections and 2 new deaths while Algeria registered 137 new cases and 8 new deaths. Ghana reported 313 new infections. Morroco recorded 71 new infections.


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Come 3-6-2020 during the Presidential Address, many Ugandans are going to be shocked with what M7 will say, a high likelihood that students will be blocked from resuming school, even private cars risk being stopped
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