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Uganda's COVID-19 cases rise to 281

Uganda's confirmed coronavirus disease (Covid-19) cases have risen to 281 after 28 more people were confirmed from the 2,004 samples tested on Wednesday.

The new cases include 21 drivers and 7 quarantined contacts to previously confirmed cases. The 7 foreign truckers who tested positive were denied entry and returned back to their respective countries.  

These included 4 Tanzanians, one Eritrean, one Congolese and one Burundian national. The total number of recoveries still stands at 69 with no single death yet.
Africa recorded 92 coronavirus related deaths and 4,435 new cases on May 27. Below is a report on the continent based on submitted data of the day. 
East/Central Africa
In neighbouring Kenya, 3 more patients recovered while another 3 succumbed to the coronavirus disease, bringing the total number of fatalities to 55.
According to Kenya's ministry of Health, all the three who died on Wednesday had underlying comorbidities - one had diabetes, one diabetes & hypertension & the last one had cancer of the breast. 
A further 123 people were confirmed positive from coronavirus from the 3,077 samples tested in the last 24 hours, rising Kenya's confirmed cases to 1,471. There are currently 590 Covid-19 positive patients admitted in 35 hospitals across Kenya. 7 of these are in critical condition, 4 are on ventilatory support while 3 are on supplemental oxygen. 
Meanwhile, Rwanda registered 7 more Covid-19 patients from the 2,059 samples tested on Wednesday. The total number of confirmed cases in Rwanda rose to 346. One more person recovered, rising the number of recoveries to 245. 

In South Sudan 188 (total 994) tested positive for coronavirus and another 2 died, rising the total deaths to 10. Ethiopia registered 30 new cases (total 731).
Djibouti recorded 229 new cases (total 2697) and a further 4 new deaths (18). Somalia registered 20 new cases (total 1,731). In Madagascar, there were 26 new cases (total 612) while the Central African Republic registered 31 new cases (total 702). In Mayotte, a further 11 people tested positive (total 1,645). In Chad 15 more people tested positive. 
North Africa

In Egypt, 910 more people (total 19,666) tested positive while 19 (total 816) succumbed to the virus. Algeria recorded 160 new cases (total 8,857) and 6 new deaths (total 623). Morocco recorded 24 new cases (7,601). Libya registered 22 new cases (total 99) and one death (total 4).

West Africa

Senegal recorded 92 new cases (total 3252) and 2 more deaths (total 38). Ivory Coast registered 79 new cases (total 2,556) and one more death (total 31). Guinea-Bissau recorded another 17 new cases (total 1,195) while Mali recorded 39 new cases (total 1,195).
In Burkina Faso 13 new cases (total 845) were registered and one more death (total 53). Sierra Leone registered 28 new cases (total 782) and one more death (total 45). In Benin, there were 2 new cases (total 210).
Southen Africa
South Africa recorded 1,673 new cases (total 25,937) and 28 new deaths (total 552). Zambia’s cases rose to 1,057 after 137 more people tested positive.
In Eswatini there were 11 more cases (total 272) while Zimbabwe recorded 76 new cases (total 132). In Angola, one more person tested positive (total 71). Similarly in Namibia, another one person also tested positive rising the national tally to 22.


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