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Kitgum hospital runs out protective gear for health workers

Kitgum general hospital has run out of personal protective equipment (PPE) for health workers.

Dr Geoffrey Okello, Kitgum hospital acting medical superintendent says PPEs especially masks delivered by government in the fourth quarter have run out. He made the revelation on Friday while presenting reports of case management sub-committee during a Coronavirus Taskforce committee meeting held in Kitgum Municipality.

Okello says lack of protective gear like masks, hand gloves, face shields among others for the health workers is likely to affect their efforts of fighting the disease spread.

“The PPE, for example, the masks that were given in the last fourth quarter, we were told to use it sparingly because the  ministry is getting problems in procuring more. What we have are very few,” says Okello.

Emmanuel Ainebyoona, the Health ministry senior spokesperson says the ministry has got a donation of PPE’s and notes that they have been dispatched to the various health facilities in the country.

“The ministry is delivering PPE currently because we got a donation from many donors. But we also want to understand whether the hospital administration had put in writing the specific PPE they need,” says Ainebyoona.

Dr Alex Olwedo, Kitgum district health officer during the meeting revealed that four out of nine samples of people who presented symptoms similar to coronavirus in the past week have turned out negative.

Olwedo says they are now waiting for results of the other five other people who are still in self-isolation and under close monitoring by the surveillance team.

William Komakech, Kitgum resident district commissioner also the chairperson district COVID-19 task force has suggested the use of local available resources to buy the protective gears as they wait for government's supplies.

Kitgum district COVID-19 taskforce on Wednesday passed a draft budget of Shs 1.4 billion meant to aid the smooth operation of six sub-committees that will be in the front-line to tackle the spread of the coronavirus disease.

The subcommittees in the taskforce are publicity and mobilization, secretariat and resource mobilization, construction, case management, surveillance and boda boda riders. Uganda has so far registered a total of 45 cases of COVID-19.


0 #1 Kiiza Acleo 2020-04-04 02:05
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+1 #2 Akot 2020-04-04 19:20

Without UNITY of ALL & NOW, Acholi MUST break away & manage land riches & serve themselves!

Has there been a better time for change in Uganda than NOW?

If covid-19 has not waken Ugandans up, then our people are the only happy people living in a world apart, while covid-19 threatens USA/Europe where;

- streets are empty,
- public gardens/play grounds empty,
- schools, cinemas, theatres closed,

Only hospitals, pharmacies, supermarkets are open to ensure people eat, get treated, get medicins with ambulances, coffins all over!

British have, like Chine built huge health centres in 10 days!

USA/European news report more covid-19 cases/deaths 24h a day, people are so worried, even with the very good health services they have!

But Ugandans are in a world apart ensuring Museveni stays on!
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