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UNBS blacklists 15 sanitizer brands after failed lab tests

The Uganda National Bureau of Standard (UNBS) has cautioned the public not to buy 15 blacklisted sanitizer brands after they failed to pass laboratory tests.

The blacklisted brands are; Lovillea Gelly Cologne, Blue++ King Hand Sanitizer – Aloe, Blue++ King Hand Sanitizer – Peach, Yoza Hand Sanitizer; Strawberry alcohol-based instant hand sanitizer, Oh So Heavenly Crème Oil, Steinfect Instant Hand Sanitizer, Roxy Hand Sanitizer, and Serene Instant Hand Sanitizer.

Others are; Mimi Hand Sanitizer Gel, LaFresh Instant Hand Sanitizer, Quick Flash Instant hand sanitizer, Afro Royal instant hand sanitizer gel, Focus Instant hand sanitizer, Tuku instant hand sanitizer, and Cal Stat Plus instant hand sanitizer.

“They failed on alcohol content (minimum 60 per cent), PH 6-8 and bactericidal efficacy, and are thus not certified by UNBS. The public should report these 15 brands on the market using the UNBS toll free line 0800133133 to enable the enforcement team to put them off the market,” UNBS spokesperson Barbara Kamusiime said. 

Lovillea Gelly Cologne one of the blacklisted brands

On March 26, UNBS also confiscated sanitizers manufactured by UKI Hand Sanitizer for illegal use of its Quality (Q) mark. Meanwhile, UNBS has approved nine more firms to start manufacturing sanitizers increasing the number of certified companies to 11 as of April 1, 2020.

The new approved companies are Dei Natural Products International Limited, Rene Industries Limited, Premier Distilleries Limited, Kenlon Industries Limited, and Hoima Sugar Limited.

Others are Akhtabut Investments Limited, Armour Group Limited, Samaka Consults Uganda Limited, and Sanit Hygiene – SMC Limited. Carbide Company Limited and Collard Group Limited that were previously listed as manufacturers of sanitizers have not been listed since their licenses expired on September 27, 2019 and January 29, 2020 respectively.

Since the outbreak of the pandemic in the country last month, UNBS decided to offer free standards of sanitizers and disinfectants to manufactures to help in the production of safe products. 

“Following the provision of technical assistance to manufacturers and free sanitizer and disinfectant standards by UNBS, the number of companies certified to manufacture sanitisers is expected to increase. UNBS will thus issue an updated list on a weekly basis,” Kamusiime is quoted as saying.

UNBS has so far received 106 applications from various companies to manufacture hand sanitizers and are at various stages of processing and certification. 

Kamusiime said applicants can track progress of their applications online using the UNBS mobile application or website under the samples analysis status.

Until March 31, the UNBS website displayed only two companies certified to produce hand sanitizers. These were; Saraya Manufacturing Uganda Limited and Geno-HITECH Uganda Limited.



0 #1 karemire 2020-04-04 01:14
Which of those sanitizing brands is Madam Kadaga's or her Q-Dr's?
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0 #2 karemire 2020-04-04 01:22
Alcohol in those products would conflict with the "halal" requirements for Muslims.

Please be more sensitive with those standard specifications because Muslims are MOST LIKELY NOT GOING TO USE THOSE "haram" sanitizing products.
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