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Museveni says Ugandans must stop living "a harsh life"

President Museveni with Jakaya Kikwete in Ibanda

President Museveni with Jakaya Kikwete in Ibanda

President Museveni has said Ugandans should "stop living this harsh life” and start consuming goods that they consider luxurious yet are necessary for their healthy living.

Speaking at the 34th NRA/NRM Liberation Day anniversary in Ibanda district in western Uganda, Museveni said there have been reports of excess electricity and excess food including sugar, excess milk, as well as industrial products such as cement and steel products which seemingly points to excessive production. However, Museveni said this is not necessarily so because Ugandans are just not consuming enough themselves as they should because of lack of money.

Museveni said, for instance, Ugandans are only consuming just 800 million litres of milk out of the 2.5 billion litres - creating a surplus of 1.7 billion litres. Museveni said much as that figure appears high, it is actually small in comparison to the World Health Organization recommendations of 210 litres of milk per person per annum. Museveni said right now Ugandans are consuming only 60 litres of milk per annum.

”Some of the people are not drinking the milk because they don’t have the money to buy because they are only working for the stomach. If they were not only working for the stomach, they would have money to buy the milk." said Museveni. 

For maize, Museveni said, out of the 5 million tonnes, Ugandans are only consuming 1 million tonnes leaving an excess of 4 million tonnes. Museveni said the ”harsh life” eventually affects the country because it means that the life expectancy of Ugandans is reduced because they lack the necessary nutrients for their healthy living.

Museveni further said, Ugandans keep demanding electricity but even when this electricity is extended to their areas, it will not come free of charge. In order to have money to pay for milk, electricity etc, Museveni said Ugandans ought to find ways of earning and shift from subsistence farming and join the money-making campaign or switch to the ICT, services and industry sectors. 


Museveni further retaliated his warnings to corrupt public servants who frustrate foreign investors by asking for bribes, saying they will soon end up prison. 

Museveni said these corrupt will be trapped and jailed. He said he’s already talked to the various ambassadors on how to lay traps for the corrupt public servants.

Museveni said investors should ”whisper” to their respective ambassadors and report public servants who delay the necessary paperwork so they can lay a ”trap to capture the thief and send him to Luzira."

Former Tanzania President Jakaya Kikwete who was the guest of honour, said Museveni was and continues to be a mentor to many African leaders and that NRA has helped unify Uganda, create peace and economic transformation. 


0 #11 Kikomeko 2020-01-28 13:31
Siasa that Never Worked..Those of Us who saw NRA Coming out of Luweero Jungles in tatters and Very Very Hungry...saw the Writing on the Wall..WOLVES!!!

Their ransacked the Whole Country Stealing Everything 35 Years Down the Road..NO Case to Answer..God..the Almighty iko anapanga..in State House..The 195 Km..Trek Ended ubruptly after Coming Face to Face with Porvety...Ugandans WAKE Up and refuse these Lies..it is Never Too Late..
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0 #12 Wooden K. 2020-01-28 14:42
Only from a pure Kifulukwa can you hear this :

"they would drink the milk if they did not only work for their stomachs"

" Kasese Queen has ended her VIST to Kasese"

" cabinet approves more routes for Uganda Airlines"

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0 #13 Wainaichi 2020-01-29 03:07
@Odonkara- If you are not fearing Museveni and his supporters as this Wainanchi,fear the power of God Almighty.

Fear the Almighty I say! Threatening the Government and people who are telling the truth and supporting it is sin and against God commands.God said that we shall serve our leaders and follow them.

If you take our the sword you shall be killed by the sword.So may God help us all Piss of muyaye.!!
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