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Mpigi witchdoctor arrested for defiling, impregnating teen sisters

A five-month hunt for Mpigi-based witchdoctor accused of defiling and impregnating two teenage sisters has come to an end following his arrest this week. 

Magambo Musa also known as Mulangira Musoga allegedly lured the girls in August 2019 when they visited his shrine in Mpigi to seek 'traditional cleansing.'

Police spokesperson Fred Enanga says that the two sisters aged 16 and 18 were convinced by the witchdoctor that the cleansing could only work through sexual intercourse. He adds that because of their young age, the duo could not make a decision to walk away or raise an alarm.

Magambo allegedly told the teenagers to keep around his shrine for somedays. While there, they were allegedly sexually abused severally every night. The girls later revealed the ordeal to their relatives who alerted the police about Magambo’s actions.

Police then launched a manhunt for the elusive Magambo until last week when he returned to his shrine to perform some traditional rituals. He will be charged with defilement, according to Enanga.

Enanga said investigators are also trying to find out whether he had a practising certificate or not. If he is found without a practising certificate, he will also be charged for illegally operating a shrine.

Magambo’s victims have since been handed over to the Child and Family Protection Unit (CFPU) for counselling. Police said the teenagers are yet to get to terms with what transpired and need emotional support.    


+3 #1 Lakwena 2020-01-14 07:29
In other words, what on earth in the 21st Century, is a "practicing certificate" for "Superstition"; which is fundamentally the promotion of what is false as true and what is true as false?

What a country!
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+2 #2 Kelly 2020-01-14 10:25
If he is an RM supporter in the district he will get away with it.
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+1 #3 Empayippayi 2020-01-14 13:47
Quoting Kelly:
If he is an RM supporter in the district he will get away with it.

Such characters are normally M7 supporters.
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0 #4 Akot 2020-01-14 20:23
Lakwena, thanks!

The 21 st Century is such a confusion, a mess!

Just look at how Acholi that;

- joined Tanzanian army to dislodge evil Amin,

- finally said NO to Dr Obote insulting & humiliating them as 'thank you' for keeping him in power,

- but stood down when all the other tribes UNITED to bring in Museveni, and

- said NO to Kony & stopped him having a base to fight from in Uganda,

are going along with Museveni, even knowing the demon will 1 day be no more, but will leave Uganda in total chaos!

Prince Harry gave us some decency, modernity, a break through, by walking out of path leading no where & will give his lovely child a different way of looking at himself, the world!

What will even Acholi tribal leader/elites do when Museveni will be no more?
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