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Makerere impasse: MPs accuse Janet of 'dodging' parliament

Education minister Janet Museveni

Education minister Janet Museveni

MPs on the education committee have expressed concern over the continued absence of First Lady also Education minister Janet Museveni to appear before parliament to answer queries about Makerere University. 

Speaker Rebecca Kadaga tasked the education committee to probe the current impasse at Makerere that has seen students protest for more than two weeks against the 15% cumulative tuition increment. The students strike has been met with unprecedented brutality which led to nationwide condemnation. 

In a statement that she issued on her official social media platforms, Ms Museveni defended the brutality against the students, saying at all times, citizens must submit to authority. She also accused the students of being corrupt and getting paid by opposition to strike. 

On Tuesday, MPs expressed disappointment that the minister who had been invited to appear before MPs had yet again delegated the state minister for Higher Education, Chrysostom Muyingo to answer queries about the impasse at Makerere. The MPs said, Muyingo, when he appeared on the floor of parliament, he seemed to always refer to the minister. Although the committee had invited the minister, she wrote to the committee saying that she had delegated Muyingo because of a busy schedule.

Joy Atim Ongom the Lira district Woman MP said that the minister has now made it a habit to delegate Muyingo whenever asked to appear before parliament. 

"When it was at the floor of parliament, it was a delegation. She delegated the minister. To the committee, she’s delegating and I know when we go to the report she’s again going to delegate. At what time will she be available for this committee and for parliament? I think that is the question…wouldn't it be prudent enough for the ministry of Education, the minister and staff to first be with us then we involve Makerere team because what Makerere did the ministry was not aware of and it seems what the ministry did Makerere was not aware of." she said. 

Allan Ssewanyana, the MP Makindye West told the MPs that they should not proceed discussions without Muyingo who had appeared before the committee with Makerere University vice-chancellor, Prof Barnabas Nawangwe and the chairperson of the university council, Lorna Magara.

The two university officials were told to leave the committee room because they were not invited. The committee chairperson Jacob Opolot asked Nawangwe and Magara to return on Wednesday but Muyingo told the MPs that it was unfair to turn away the officials and yet the letter asked him to appear with the officials. 

Ssewanyana said Muyingo hasn't been previously satisfactory in his answers whenever queried. 

"When we were in parliament before this task was sent to this committee, the junior minister was present and the way he was answering the various queries, he wasn’t satisfactory. He was referring to the minister always. Now given that he’s the one here, we might not get the relevant information from the ministry." Ssewanyana said. 

Opolot asked the MPs to respect the representative of the minister and the delegation. He said following the concerns from members, they will ensure the minister appears before the committee.

"I urge us to receive what Hon Muyingo has presented on behalf of the ministry and the substantive minister. If there is a reason to believe that he’s incompetent to represent that position, we’re still here," he said. 


+7 #1 Concerned Ugandan 2019-11-06 09:21
The 'Honourable' Minister is fully aware that she is not competent and that is why she steadfastly avoids any situation that is likely to expose her incompetence.

Otherwise there is no other explanation for her dodging Parliament all the time. Ministries like Finance, Defence etc are far busier than her docket and yet the line Ministers always find time to appear.

Make no mistake, what is being described here as 'delegation' is nothing more than dodging responsibility.
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+4 #2 Lakwena 2019-11-06 09:21
The guilty are afraid. Otherwise, the 1st and the Last Lady Janet Kataha M7 goofed.

How can `a First Lady and doubling as Minister of Education, say that Makerere University are drug addicts and hooligans, so they deserve thrashing by Military Police.

In other words, birds of the same feather nest together. In her apparent benign calm posturing, deep in her heart madam Janet must be just as violent like her husband, Mr. M7 (the Master of violence).

And they also conscripted their son, Gen Muhoozi in the art and culture of violence.

From Luweero to Kasese for 34 years and counting; how members of the First Family love the sights and sound of violence and addicted to the smell of more bloodshed is mind boggling.
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-6 #3 Wainanchi 2019-11-06 11:48
Hahahaha comments and idiotic commentators.

They are mocking and underestimating everybody and trumpeting every day propaganda against NRM and president Museveni and his Government.

It is yes democracy, but they failed to attract masses and supporters and are bared and exposed by spilling their nonsene in this forum.

Everyday we read stupid remarks tribalist, tribalistic, dissent , revolt, revolution and nothing good and useful for Uganda and Ugandans.

Luckily they are only few and we mainstream commentators have been used to their nonsense an trivais, and are just laughing and gigling!!

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+5 #4 sula 2019-11-06 14:23
- MBU ,they liberated Uganda - who asked them. ?
-mbu , they are sacrificing - who has asked them ?

It is greed ,primitivity ,arrogance and inferiority complex.
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-3 #5 kabayekka 2019-11-06 16:07
One reckons the Minister made her statement and it is very clear. It is very much likely that this Minister is aware of the bad habits of parliament.

Some parliament members tend to ask for money so that the interview in these committees get on well or not.
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+2 #6 MR 2019-11-06 16:16
Anyone incluse ms. M7 can make comments on social media but not everyone can defend their comments.

So this woman has to hide till the storm dies down to avoid accountability. Avoiding accountability and responsibility is the m7 nrm way
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0 #7 kabayekka 2019-11-07 12:00
More over this Parliament of Uganda opened the doors wide for this African ruling class to continue in its job paka last.

Parliament made its bed. It better lay on it!
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