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Land Probe cancels police spokesperson Enanga's land title

Fred Enanga (R) and his father George Econga Okabo

Fred Enanga (R) and his father George Econga Okabo

The Commission of Inquiry into land matters has canceled the land title belonging to police spokesperson Fred Enanga and his father George Econga Okabo, a retired superintendent of police because it is shrouded in irregularities. 

The disputed four square miles of land covers four parishes of Amun, Ayago, Apoi, and Alaru with over 1,740 households and is located in Maruzi Block 2, plot 66 at Oreta village, Akokoro sub county in Apac district.

Enanga and Econga were summoned after clan members including Enanga's 96-year-old grandfather, Naphtali Enanga and his aunt Lilly Alwedo petitioned the Commission, accusing father and son of attempting to grab the customary land that belongs to the Okabo clan.

On Wednesday Enanga and Econga appeared before the Commission chaired by Lady Justice Catherine Bamugemereire and asked the Commission to facilitate mediation with the clan and other residents, saying they never had the opportunity to negotiate over the dispute.

Econga accused the residents of encroaching on land that belonged to his late father Enoci Okabo. He told the Commission that the occupants have no rights over the land and must vacate for his family to set up a privately owned mixed farm and mechanized agriculture project. 

Enanga said their family has been a victim of unclear intrigues, propaganda and fabrications. Enanga and his father face accusations of illegally registering the customary land as freehold in the names of Awilodyang Mixed Farm, a company they jointly own in total disregard of the interests of the occupants. Awilodyang is a Langi word for ‘I bought a cow’. 

The witnesses; Naphtali and Lilly Alwedo, Econga’s brother and sister respectively accused Enanga of perpetrating the dispute from the background using police officers that he occasionally draws from Apac central police station. 

Enanga denied the accusations saying his parents only reported criminal activities targeted at their family and property to local leaders which led to some occasional arrests and detention of those behind those criminal activities.

He also refuted allegations that they are claiming the entire 10 square miles of the land, a complete departure from his father’s position that he owns the entire land.

The duo claims they inherited the land from Enoci Okabo, Econga’s dad after he migrated and settled in the area in 1949 after suffering the misfortune of losing three children from Okabo clan land located in Alia village in Akokoro sub-county, some eight miles from the disputed piece of land.

The two said Okabo pacified the area from a complete jungle inhabited by wildlife using hunting skills they practiced. He later distributed the land among his children with George Econga Okabo taking 3 square miles, his brothers Johnson Angala and Naphtali Enanga getting 149 acres and 2.5 square miles respectively. Simon Okwir got 100 acres while Benjamin Enanga received 3 square miles. 

Enanga explained that his grandfather migrated to the area from Alia village citing witchcraft in the death of his three children. Commissioner Robert Ssebunya implored Enanga and father to negotiate with the clan members claiming the land to protect their family legacy. 

Police spokesperson Fred Enanga

The Commission told Enanga and father that the land was illegally registered in the names of Awilodyang Mixed Farm because the company is separate from George Econga Okabo who had asked for it in 1978.

Herbert Byenkya, the Commission lead counsel said the company does not qualify to secure the customary land as freehold because it was registered as a non-citizen company. In response, Enanga said their lawyer Oper and Company Advocates could have made mistakes in registering the company. 

Bamugemereire indicated that the title will be canceled because it is shrouded in illegalities. Enanga’s testimony was interrupted by a repeated power outage which forced the Commission to prematurely adjourn the matter. 

Clan members accused Enanga and Econga of using police to forcefully evict them or block them from accessing water from a community borehole sunk by the government in the area. 

The Commission later established that the land measuring 824.28 hectares located in Oreta village in Akokoro sub county in Apac district, has been registered as freehold in the names of Awilodyang Mixed Farm, owned by Econga and his son Enanga. They registered the Company in 2018.

Appearing before the Commission earlier, Naphtali and Alwedo said they were shocked at how Enanga, who according to them rarely went to the village and was only given a small portion of land to erect a house and also do some farming in line with the clan’s objectives has now turned into a land grabber. Alwedo, told the Commission on October 7, that Enanga turned against them and began forcefully evicting them.

“Enanga and his father Econga, rarely came home. Enanga grew up in Kampala with his father and they didn’t even have any single hut in Oreta village” Alwedo narrated.

“Now, one time, his daughter died and he brought the body home for burial. Since he had no home to bury his daughter, his uncle Benjamin Enanga, offered to bury the daughter in him home. All seemed well. As a clan, they decided during the meeting after the burial that Enanga also be given some land to build a home”

Alwedo further narrated that “Enanga was given about six acres of land. He started building a house and I was even the one preparing food for the workers at the site. But to my surprise, Enanga chased me from the area and went on to chase all the clan people including his grandfather and uncles.”

The Okabo clan members are very bitter with Enanga’s actions saying he has brought blasphemy to Okabo.


+9 #1 Stewart 2019-10-18 09:41
Anyone in bed with NRM is always a crook.
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0 #2 Concerned Ugandan 2019-10-18 10:14
Despite the controversies shrouding Enanga's title, the process for cancellation of a title on the basis of fraud is through a competent court of law.

the commission of inquiry into land matters has slowly drifted away from its original strategic responsibility of inquiring about the overall land management system in Uganda to hearing individual cases as if it were a court of law.

This state of affairs only serves to complicate and already complex mess in terms of land management in Uganda. The commission of inquiry needs to wind up its extremely costly activities, submit a report and stop straying into the responsibilities of courts of law.
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+6 #3 harriet 2019-10-18 10:58

But that is NRM, Not surprised at all!
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+1 #4 WADADA roger 2019-10-18 14:50
Whereas i dont like Enanga for choosing to be the mouth piece of oppression, I think the decision to cancel their title is illegal.

I dont know why the president is taking forever to cancel his instructions to this commission, they are obvious acting outside their mandate and whoever takes their decisions seriously is a looser.

Under the law, it is only a court or the Registrar of titles under Section 91 of the land Act who can cancel a title, not a commission of inquiry even if the person manning it is a judge but she is operating outside the parameters of court
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0 #5 Akullu 2019-10-18 18:13
This is part of the function of a commission. She wouldn't have been given authority to inquire only. Take a look at their mandate. The people is greed.

Enangaa situation can risk causing serious unrest in the region that is volatile and just recently returned from a civil criacrisis. We need to avoid such actions. The funny thing is that these are so called government servernts.

If we continue like this with large corporations coming in and owning large chunks of land we shall have a saunter community and the gap of the rich and poor will will deepen.

Leaving Uganda very vulnerable to external shocks and a second colonialism not by foreigners but by Ugandan rich against the poor.

What future will our children have yet the non Ugandans are busy buying id's and citizenship for a mere 100000. And these aresults also coming to compete for the same land. This fvt system is a mess. We need to understand it and stop ourselves from repeating colonial mistakes.
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0 #6 Kabwa 2019-10-19 09:11
The Commission can cancel a land title because it has the powers of a competent court
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0 #7 Lysol 2019-10-19 22:32
That old corrupt ugly so-called spokesman should be fired by the regime.

Uganda has one of the most ugly people in power. No wonder they are always so mean. They say a one eyed man is a king among the blinds.

May be that is why we are still with Museveni who bleaches his face and greases his bald head with versolin like one Otunnu. Where is that Otunnu now/
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