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Missing Mukono man found dead in Entebbe

Simon Odur Akena, 34, who went missing last Saturday has been found dead on the shores of Lake Victoria. Akena, a resident of Mukono disappeared from around Ntinda, a Kampala suburb. A case of disappearance was recorded at Mukono police station.

The defense secretary for Katabi–Kitubulu, Isma Barrak on Thursday morning reported a case at Katabi police station of an unidentified body that had been found at the shores of Lake Victoria in Kitubulu, Katabi town council.  

Police spokesperson Patrick Onyango says that the police homicide and scene of crime officers visited the scene and took the body to Mulago hospital.  

“Later, a one Jackie Tusiime came to Entebbe police station and gave information that the deceased was her brother. She had identified the body from Mulago city mortuary,” Onyango indicated.  

Odur is the 24th person to be found dead in Entebbe and Wakiso district in a period of one year.


-2 #1 Martin Tumukunde 2019-09-20 06:00
it is very sad, and what disturbs me is how people run to Entebbe and Wakiso to buy and construct residential homes, but the places seem insecure.
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+1 #2 Lakwena 2019-09-20 09:58
The Akena of this country seems are being singled out for elimination. E.g, 2 years ago they (Kanyasomebody) shot one in the belly at Lugogo; last year another one was brutalized almost to death in broad-day-light by UPDF soldiers at Kisekka market (middle of the street).

And now Simon (Peter) Akena has been strangle and/or drawn at the shore of Lake Victoria.

In other words, including Hon Jimmy Akena, if your last name has something to do with Akena, watch your backside.
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+1 #3 WADADA roger 2019-09-20 10:25
Insecurity is not only in Entebbe is is everywhere, it is the order of the day, whoever is behind it knows why they prefer to kill their victims in Entebbe or kill them elsewhere and dump the bodies in Entebbe, imagine the guy disappeared in ntinda. we all know the only institution that kidnaps people in the names of arrest
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0 #4 Mubiru 2019-09-24 16:27
At a concert by Kusasira now Museveni's loud speaker attended by Mzee Museveni, last Friday, Ronald Mayinja, apparently at the displeasure of Museveni sang his latest composition called "Mzee Byakomawo".

Literally means that insecurity and murders blamed on past regimes -his pigs- are now back in full swing. Those who appreciated the song danced and gave Mayinja cash on the stage.

Museveni, like Kusasira, who was not amused in his speech said shamelessly unlike previous regimes, murders are not committed by his government but it is "you people who are killing one another".

Can any reasonable person spot the difference? Murders are murders and whenever they take place governments have the obligation to stop them without giving such unpalatable and quite provocative flimsy excuses.

In UK there are currently knife crimes where people are stabbing and kill each other. Government is doubling the police force to stop the crime without leaving it to the public as Museveni opines.
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