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Suspected thug shot dead while breaking into Lubaga church

A security guard has shot dead a suspected thug suspected of breaking into Lubaga Catholic shrine in Rubaga Division Kampala to steal offertory. Kampala Metropolitan police spokesperson, Patrick Onyango identifies the deceased as William Otuke. 

He was reportedly part of a gang of machete-wielding thugs that raided Lubaga Catholic shrine at around 3 am this morning and started robbing offertories. According to Onyango, the guard who is attached to Securex Security Company saw the break-in and responded by firing bullets that killed Otuke.      

The guard has since recorded a statement about the incident at Old Kampala police station detailing what transpired before and after he discharged bullets at the thugs. The deceased’s body is lying at the City mortuary. Lubaga Catholic shrine contains images and statutes that resonate with the history of Catholicism in Uganda, white fathers and past clergy. 

The raid on the shrine comes a month after unidentified thugs raided St Augustine chapel at Makerere University and made off with offertories. The chaplain, Fr Josephat Ddungu released CCTV footage showing the thug breaking into the chapel on the night of August 12 around midnight and making off with an unspecified sum of money. 

Other items that were stolen from the chapel included a laptop, extension cables, boxes where the offertory for Mother Mary and Radio Maria were being kept. He asked members of the public to help identify the thief.

Though the same footage was shared with police, police has never come out to confirm whether the suspect was arrested. Ddungu said the chapel administration could hardly tell how much money was in the stolen offertory boxes.


+1 #1 WADADA roger 2019-09-19 17:16
Oh dear, is it poverty or moral decadency, how can any one break into a church with the hope of stealing offertory, many of the churches like Watoto usually have bullion vans waiting outside church every sunday to take the money to the bank.
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+1 #2 Stewart 2019-09-19 18:13
Now that's the last teaching from a church, if it defeats a priest, a guard takes over.
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0 #3 karemire 2019-09-19 19:52
I looks like they can't even arrest nowadays. when Madam Lumumba pronounced the NRM's "shoot to kill policy" last year, it did not make sense.

Now it does, especially when taken together with the "an eye for an eye" pronouncement of a few days ago. Result: EXTRA-JUDICIAL killings, which is a violation of the Human Rights Declaration, to which Ug is a signatory.
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+1 #4 karemere 2019-09-19 23:06
Quoting Stewart:
Now that's the last teaching from a church, if it defeats a priest, a guard takes over.

I agree. There are two factors at work here (simultaneously). (a) The church does not distinguish between a sin and a crime. For them CRIME = SIN, and vice versa.

(b) therefore, as in the church's teaching if one must sin, he/she can just do it and then ask for forgiveness afterwords, which will surely be given. It amount to IMPUNITY, doesn't it?
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0 #5 Kelly 2019-09-20 12:44
“I looks like they can't even arrest nowadays. when Madam Lumumba pronounced the NRM's "shoot to kill policy" last year, it did not make sense”

So according Kerimire, the conversation between the guard and the suspected thug (ST) wielding a machete at 3.00am should have been like:

Guard: Hello. “Who is that?”
ST: “Hello guard. It’s me. I am the one”
Guard: “Ok my friend. What do you want here?”
ST: “Ahhh…emmm…actually, just come by here. Just see how the church is”

Guard: “Oh I see. But it is dark. Why can’t you come in the morning or day time?”
ST: “I will be engaged somewhere. But all the same, see you later day time”.

So the brutal attacks on guards all over the place are not yet enough trigger for them to make them discharge bullets at the slightest suspicion especially after assessing the situation?
What if the guard was merely "shooting to scare?"
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0 #6 Amooti mugi 2019-09-21 23:40
When thugs/thieves go out to steal, they don't go as if to attend a wedding!!!! They go to steal and even to kill.

When that idiot burgled his way into the church,( and a guard who clearly saw his moves "discharged bullets" on him to stop the theft), he was in my opinion serving as an example for other thieves to learn from...
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