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Patient commits suicide at Kiruddu hospital

Kiruddu hospital

Kiruddu hospital

A patient admitted at Kiruddu hospital in Makindye has committed suicide. 

Deputy Kampala Metropolitan police spokesperson, Luke Owoyesigyire, said Faustine Musinzi, from Gomba district, jumped from the eighth floor on Thursday at around 8 pm and fell on the concrete, dying instantly.

It is not clear what could have triggered Musinzi to commit suicide, but other patients told police that he had been experiencing a lot of pain. Musinzi was reportedly suffering from kidney dysfunction, diabetes and other illnesses.

Police from Kampala South Regional headquarters at Katwe rushed to the hospital and removed the body amidst cries from other patients and caretakers.
Musinzi caught hospital staff by surprise as health workers and other patients thought he was moving around the stairs perhaps to gain some energy. Owoyesigyire said police took Musinzi's body to the City morgue for a post-mortem. 


+1 #1 WADADA roger 2019-09-13 11:45
It is a pity that the man has taken his own due to extreme pain that ordinariness should have been managed by the hospital t is not clear what could have triggered Musinzi to commit suicide, guess he did not have money to bribe doctors to attend to him.

A combination of pain arising out of kidney dysfunction, diabetes and other illnesses is not easy to bear.
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+1 #2 Kelly 2019-09-13 14:56
“Owoyesigyire said police took Musinzi's body to the City morgue for a post-mortem”. Oh God!!! The saddest phrase in this article.

Figuratively it almost equates hapless Ugandans to rats, roaches and other vermin who after expiry, the command is “just take the carcass and dump onto the garbage truck”.

Wainainchi, what do you say about this since death of “soulless “Ugandans fascinates you a lot? I would love to read your comment on this.

May be if the Fennasi Specialized hospital Lubowa (that ambiguous money siphoning project) was there this man could have been “saved” early expiry!! (Tongue- in- cheek).

I guess if Faustine Musinzi (RIP) was a cousin/nephew to Shaddrack, Toyota, Akandwanaho, Konkukenda and more so a certain Octogenarian, we would see police swinging in action to investigate the management of Kiruddu hospital over professional negligence, corruption, incompetence and a plethora of other charges.
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