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Kadaga insists MPs must visit Lubowa hospital site

Lubowa hospital construction site

Lubowa hospital construction site

The speaker of parliament Rebecca Kadaga has said that parliament will still push to know details about ongoing works at the International Specialized Hospital Uganda site at Lubowa in Wakiso district.  

On Tuesday, a group of legislators from the National Economy Committee accompanied by the Health minister, Jane Ruth Aceng and permanent secretary, Dr Diana Atwiine were turned away by armed Local Defense Unit (LDU) and police personnel when they went to inspect the 30-acre construction site along the Kampala-Entebbe road.  

The MPs had sought permission from the ministry of Health to visit the site. However, they found the gate to the site blocked with a grader and a pickup truck.  

Later, Finasi/Roko, the special purpose vehicle which is constructing the Shs 1.4 trillion facility, notes that they blocked the MPs for safety and health reasons. But Kadaga told journalists in an interview that what happened on Tuesday will not stop parliament from undertaking its oversight role.

She said that parliament will inquire into the reasons why the MPs were blocked from accessing the site and ensure that they visit the site at the next available opportunity.     

"I don’t know why they were not allowed to do their work. As far as I know, I’m concerned it is the work of parliament, we vote for this money, we appropriate it. So it is our responsibility to follow up what has happened to the money and what is going on. I will find out why they were stopped, and ensure that they actually go and do their work because we expect a report from them which we shall discuss at some stage." said Kadaga. 

In an interview with URN, the vice-chairperson of the National Economy committee Lawrence Bategeka stated that MPs do not need clearance from the contractor to be able to access the site which was guaranteed with taxpayers money.  

In March this year, parliament approved a loan guarantee of $379 million to Finasi/Roko for the construction of a specialized hospital. The project has however been marred with controversies.  

Recently, Roko, one of the project partners, said that it was being unfairly kicked out in favour of a new company, Power China Guizhou Engineering Co, Ltd. Roko has since run to court seeking to reverse the decision by Finasi international FZC chaired by Enrica Pinnet.    


-1 #1 karemere 2019-08-12 00:32
Our parliament is TRULY a toothless bull-dog that gets waged by its own tail and by its top boss.

Look at what is going on here!!! Isn't it both a pity and a shame? Especially a mere LDU stopping law-makers who are not breaking any Uganda laws. it is no wonder that even some of them celebrate when some of their own get beaten up within their own work premises.
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0 #2 Kabayekka 2019-08-12 11:36
Observer thanks for that professional photo on the building site. One wonders if these law makers would understand any dodgy work going on.

That is no modern process of starting a foundation for a building in an earthquake prone region that is going to stand firm as that hospital building in Mulago.
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0 #3 Kabayekka 2019-08-12 11:45
Are they constructing just a normal bangalow building?

No wonder soon after some years the complaining Ganda Landlord will embark on this temporary structure and demolish it.
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0 #4 kagwa paul 2019-08-12 12:49
yes and yes as the the apeaker aaid. MPs MUST visit the site ,to monitor whatever is going on.

whats wrong with that if the hospital is in the interest of their citize.unless otherwise something is being hiden from ugandans the big share holders.
thx maama kadaaga
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0 #5 Odongkara 2019-08-12 14:34
I'm convinced that Gen. Elly Tumuwine is spot on right in saying that, "who is Kadaga? What is parliament? Kadaga rules parliament but Uganda is ruled by the army."

Kadaga must know that she is not going to be of any use here. She led parliament into approving the billions of dollars for this Lubowa hospital for the super rich and that is where her usefulness as pawn ends.

Should the mafia need more money then they will come back to you via David Bahati. The fact remains the same that Uganda is a property of a one call Museveni.

You can make all the noise but nothing will change. The taxpayers have been robbed clean and the robbery and thuggery continues unchecked. Despite all these Ugandans still vote the mafias into power.
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0 #6 rubangakene 2019-08-12 20:37
You really don't need to visit the site to see that we "have been had"; these buildings look like the "KIROBOIS" sheds (manyumba ingia poole), those little Katwe business premises.

Really Ugandans, if this were a sound investment, there should have been piles sunk, holes dug and reinforced pipes laid, power points etc demarcated. Scrap this project now! I am really very annoyed.
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