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Wavamunno outs new book, dispels reports of fallout with M7

Sir Gordon Wavamunno, the business mogul behind Spear Motors, has authored his latest memoir: Independent Uganda: Reflections and Recollections.

In the 140-page book, Wavamunno mainly offers his views on Uganda’s economy right from the colonial days. He also delves into the influence of politics in business, plus how Uganda can build on external relations to improve the economy.

Wavamunno also reveals his brief stint in politics when he was a councillor in Kampala in the seventies and why the politics of intrigue forced him to quit politics for good. 

Wavamunno, who was knighted by the Queen of United Kingdom for his services towards charity, further talks about how his experience as the Hungarian consul to Uganda has helped both countries explore trade opportunities, and offers advice on how to guard Uganda’s best interests.

“I wrote this book as an educative composition of my experience in business, politics and diplomacy,” he told The Observer on July 10. “I hope to formally launch the book in a few weeks’ time after putting everything in order.”

Meanwhile, Wavamunno says he holds no grudge with the state in spite of the recent media reports that he is discontented.

“I have been briefed that some media outlets claim that I’m disgruntled but my relationship with President Museveni remains solid. That is defamation and I’ve already instructed my lawyers to sue them for defamation,” he said.

“I and the president update each other on so many things but it seems there are some elements that want to feast on my name to get the president’s eye.”


+3 #1 Wooden K. 2019-07-17 18:28
Hello Uganda !

I hope Wavamunno sues those who want to feast on his name .

I really want to watch that one. I am told that th "feasters" have recorded vioces and videos.

While I wait , I remind myself of an interview that was published by Monitor in which Sir John Nagenda powered out his displeasure with Museveni . Nageanda directly accused his Master of being a dictator who is incapable of taking good advice.

Months later , Sir John Nagenda got "healed" of his displasure when he was awarded with a super SUV Land Cruiser .

If it workedfor one Sir , it can work for Another Sir..
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0 #2 rubangakene 2019-07-17 22:54
Is this 140-page book a school composition. essay, memoir or a bedtime story ("fiction")? Memoirs are very tricky to write, sir.

You see once you have written a memoir, it has to go under scrutiny (which is legal of course) by critics and any omission or unnecessary "sugar-coating" will obviously be challenged and you have to be ready for those. As the saying goes; "Only truth will liberate you!"
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0 #3 Lakwena 2019-07-19 13:05
In other words, in a culture where people don't read; books that are not read, are not books.
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