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Ministers clash as parliament passes Landlord and Tenants Bill

Parliament has passed the Landlord and Tenant Bill, 2018 that seeks to among other things regulate the relationship between landlords and tenants.      

The bill was passed with several amendments which relate to duties and rights of landlords and tenants in rented commercial and residential premises. Among the key provisions is that landlords and tenants must sign tenancy agreements for rent transactions of over Shs 500,000 with clear terms and conditions.

Also, tenancy disputes shall be handled in a Local Council court and other courts of law. It also states the landlords can only evict tenants after securing court orders to do so. Unlawful evictions attract a penalty of Shs 5 million or jail term of one year or both upon conviction. MPs also approved the provision that landlords must give tenants an eviction notice of six months. The bill also stresses that the landlord must notify the tenant about plans to increase rent in at least 90 days. 

However, the most controversial provision is that all rent shall be settled and recorded in shillings, contrary to the initial proposal that parties can agree to transact in any other currency in the agreement. Trade, Industry and Cooperatives minister, Amelia Kyambadde and Health state minister, Sarah Opendi clashed on the floor with the General Duties state minister in Finance, Gabriel Ajedra over the issue.

Ajedra argued that the law shouldn't restrict transactions in shillings alone because some tenants such as foreign embassies pay landlords in foreign currency, a proposal that was squarely rejected.

"We have foreign embassies in this country that rent properties from Ugandans and the way they pay for it, is that they pay a fixed sum of rent every month, every year and those sums are budgeted by their respective countries. They don’t take into account the fluctuations of the local currency in these countries…it is only fair that we have provisions for both the local and foreign currency." Ajedra said. 

However, Kyambadde and Opendi led the group of MPs who shot down Ajedra’s proposal         

"Is it in order for the Hon minister who is supposed to be promoting Ugandan currency to come here and try to tell us about the dollars aware that we’ve had challenges in this country? Most of our tenants are being exploited because of this issue of dollars." Opendi said. 

Likewise Kyambadde said; "Uganda is a sovereign state and I think we need to strengthen our currency, we’re advocating for local content then I think we need to be consistent. Two, my colleague in finance should be protecting our currency."

Given the way the ministers disagreed, speaker Rebecca Kadaga even wondered whether the bill was first discussed in cabinet to which 
Tororo North County MP, Annet Nyakecho, Bokora County MP, Terence Achia Naco and Guster Mugoya, the Bukooli North County also supported Kyambadde on the need to restrict rent transactions in shillings.     

Some of the provisions that have been deleted in the bill include repealing the Distress for Rent (Bailiffs) Act, 1976. Lands minister, Betty Amongi explained that the Uganda Law Reform Commission advised government against abolishing the Act because it has been used by landlords to recover rent from defaulting tenants.

Amongi lauded MPs for passing the bill, which was first mooted in 2012 and subjected to consultations involving landlords, tenants, property developers. The bill was tabled before parliament February this year. The bill now awaits presidential assent.


0 #11 Akot 2019-06-29 18:42
Quoting kabayekka:

It is probably more wiser for them to become refugees and proceed to the many camps of foreign refugees surrounding the borders of Uganda.


When Ugandans join other refugees from yonder, UN/EU will take care of them, as they do with refugees they continue to attract in peaceful Uganda!

Why will Ugandans go for next election when Museveni has made it clear it's him & not Bobi Wine the winner?

Why will Ugandans vote in mps again when they don't work for electorate & Museveni doesn't need parliament, as he decides everything?

Why do Ugandans go for elections to potray the country as a democracy it's not, never will be, as long as Museveni rules?

Why do Ugandans lock themselves with Museveni while shuting the outside world out tribalistically legally, officially constitutionally?
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0 #12 Akot 2019-06-29 18:53
Zaitun, thanks, but,

It's Ugandans, who have the power, by bringing down the tribalistic system & UNITY that will bring an end to all this dirt!

The outside world knows it's Ugandans who have the power to bring change through UNITY, so why don't Ugandans who need the change, be the only ignorant?

Museveni has turned Ugandans against themselves, uses them against one another to stay in power, so how will change come?

Not even Bobi Wine has chance as Ugandans are with Museveni!

With a Bobi Wine, Algerians/Sudanese would have put in place working administrations already!

But Ugandans make Museveni stronger day & night, while they become more & more enemies of one another, mad at themselves!
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0 #13 Akot 2019-06-29 18:57
Quoting Lakwena:

Mr. M7/NRM regime did not come to power to build Uganda but to dispossess.

National Housing and Construction Corporation was established the purposes of construction en mass affordable housing for Ugandans. It was doing fine until Amin threw the wrench into the works from 1971.

as long as Mr. M7 is in State House it can only get worse and Uganda will never be the same.


When will Ugandans wake up, especially as Museveni has already won next fake election?
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0 #14 Akot 2019-06-29 19:00
juwait kali, thanks!

To whom will Uganda belong finally; to Museveni, foreign company, China...?

There is a lot of business going on underground!
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0 #15 Akot 2019-06-29 19:05
Quoting kabayekka:

The government of Uganda in all the national and international agreements in terms of owning territorial land in Uganda there are none.

If the government has even failed to encourage the NHCC to buy or lease more land to build affordable housing for its workers and this very government has sold off much of Kololo, Old Kampala, Nsambya and Entebbe lands that Buganda leased it to them, how can anyone trust it in the control of private landlords and their tenants.

...130 District headquarters to administer. Have all these districts got any housing? More likely this government is pushing this law so that it becomes very difficult to remove it(evict) from housing it rents because it is unable to build any housing for itself.


Museveni is finalising eviction of Ugandans from their country!
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+1 #16 Lakwena 2019-07-01 08:10
[quote name="kabayekka"]Lakwena you have a point. What you are saying is what I have always been saying.

The government of Uganda in all the national and international agreements in terms of owning territorial land in Uganda there are none.

... /quote]

Kabayekka, including organize murder; the mere fact that the NRM party, which has been in power for the last 34 years, does not have a home, is indicative of a political party that was syndicated for purpose organized crimes.

In other words, The NRm party will disband as soon as Mr. M7 is 6 feet under.
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