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Collapsed Lohana high school wall kills six children

Six out of the eight children who were hit by a collapsed wall near Lohana high school in Old Kampala have died.

Deputy Kampala Metropolitan police spokesperson Luke Owoyesigyire says that the wall collapsed during a heavy downpour at 2 am killing six street children on spot. Two others are currently hospitalized in Mulago hospital.

Owoyesigyire said the children were resting in a channel adjacent to the school. The police rescue team is still clearing debris to ascertain the exact number of children that were covered by the wall.

A survivor of the incident who identified himself as John, said that they were struggling to find clothing to cover themselves with during the early morning rain, when the tragedy occurred. According to him, all children who were asleep at the time, were killed.

“We had come to sleep. We laid sacks to sleep on. I tried to grab their sacks but they wanted to beat me and I went to Han’s Pub where I picked a box and slept. I was told by women that my colleagues had been killed by the wall,” John said.

Last month, a perimeter wall collapsed in Seguku and killed five family members during a Sunday morning heavy downpour. 


+1 #1 Ugthinker 2019-06-24 13:36
Tragedies like this happen everywhere but in Uganda’s case, the absence of government only leaves all of us at nature’s mercy!

Surely a sound government must be felt through policy, regulation, supervisions etc.

What then justifies this governments stay? Good for nothingness?

RIP poor souls, like many you have also been let down by our heartless rulers!
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+2 #2 Lysol 2019-06-25 02:15
Many buildings mushrooming in the country have no firm foundations.

Many of them will not last, say up to 50 years from now, due to fake materials and rush to build just to impress; in the name of the so-called development. "Rome was not built in one day" Also the bootlegged (fake) Chineses materials/goods won't work or last long (not durable).

A complete waste of taxpayers. and debts to pay fro generations to come.
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