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Court rules Stella Nyanzi has case to answer

Stella Nyanzi in court. Photo: @Atulinda_Allan

Stella Nyanzi in court. Photo: @Atulinda_Allan

Buganda Road Magistrate's court has ruled that Makerere University researcher Dr Stella Nyanzi has a case to answer in relation to offences of cyber harassment and offensive communication.

Nyanzi is accused of posting a loutish birthday poem on her Facebook page attacking the late Esteri Kokundeka, the mother of President Yoweri Museveni.

Buganda Road Grade One magistrate Gladys Kamasanyu ordered Nyanzi to start preparing her defence arguing that prosecution through their three witnesses have been able to prove the ingredients of the charges against her. 

The witnesses included detective Bill Ndyamuhaki attached to the police cyber crimes, Charles Dalton Opwonya, a member of Pornographic Control Committee and Harriet Kenyana a detective attached to media crimes also in police. 

Kamasanyu noted that she has several times read the original Facebook post by Nyanzi and analysed the evidence brought to her and she has been convinced that Nyanzi has a case to answer. 

The evidence included activation codes used to create Nyanzi’s Facebook account, the documents showing the number that activated the Facebook account, a photocopy of the passport Nyanzi reportedly used to apply for the phone number from MTN Uganda which was later used to create the Facebook page among others. 

Kamasanyu has now directed Nyanzi to start her defence next week on June 26. Nyanzi’s lawyers Derrick Bazekuketta and Isaac Semakadde told court that their client intends to bring five to seven witnesses who will defend her. Nyanzi was arrested last year and has since refused to apply for bail. 


0 #61 Wooden K. 2019-06-25 18:49
Low IQ is when you think that comment #58 reveals something new.

Even the dumbest Ugandan could write it because that story has been covered and discussed for years and years by anybody with a mouth .

Good IQ is looking for solutions that might change the future after the dictator has fallen , as he will surely do.

Good IQ is spending little time repeating three empty words in every comment , and instead , think of a mult fronted strategy that can confuse , weaken and subjugate the well entrenched dictator .

Good IQ is to know your enemy and how he operates before you design a counter strategy .
M7 is a cunning , manipulative and tricky dictator . He is not Amin .

To fight him , one has to be more cunning , more tricky , more unpredictable and even more manipulative if and wjen need be.

LOW IQ cannot figure this out.
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0 #62 Wooden K. 2019-06-25 21:42
Low IQ is when Remase thinks that UK has a great Kingdom mbu because UK has never had passionate inseparable relations with a violent person....

Sharp IQ is when you know that UK , that denied Mugabe any entry into UK because Mugabe chased away white land owners is the same UK that kept silent when Uganada`s version of Mugabe ordered the attack in Kasese where more than 150 people , including women and children were massaccred in a day.

I am here waiting for the next repetation from LowIQ
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