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Court stuck with application against Donald Trump, Museveni

Museveni shakes hands with US President Donald Trump

Museveni shakes hands with US President Donald Trump

The High court in Kampala is stuck with an application filed by a Ugandan national Musoke Moses Kinene Ziringwira against US President Donald Trump and his predecessor Barack Hussein Obama. 

They are jointly sued with Uganda President Yoweri Museveni and Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi the king of Buganda kingdom.

In his suit filed on June 7, 2019, Kinene accuses the respondents of civil fraud, inciting tribal violence and meddling in his property, which he doesn’t specify. However, the court is stuck with the suite given the nature of the respondents. 

On June 10, the deputy court registrar, Sarah Langa wrote to the head of the High court civil division, Justice Andrew Bashaija seeking advice on how to proceed with the matter.

“My Lord, the above subject matter refers. This is to seek your guidance on this matter given the nature of the respondents”, reads the memo seen by URN.   

Judiciary spokesperson, Solomon Muyita said that the law doesn’t allow anybody to sue a sitting president in his individual capacity. Muyita says that anybody aggrieved with a sitting president can sue him through the attorney general or wait until when he or she ceases to be president. 

He notes that in such circumstances, the head of the civil division calls the petitioner and advises him or her to file their petitions once the presidents have retired. In this case, Kinene can also successfully sue Kabaka Mutebi and Obama if at all he has any claims against them, according to Muyita. 


Kinene states that he is a property holder in Uganda by way of purchase, and donation but has become a victim of conflict between the central government and Buganda kingdom.  

He states that during the formation of the state of Uganda, there was a colonial problem that was created by the British colonial government by annexing Buganda as one states of Uganda, which can’t be resolved through mere talk or peaceful means without going through court. 

According to his documents before court, Kinene contends that Buganda kingdom wanted a federal system of government to cater for her interest, which was blocked by the central government. He says Buganda had property that was sold to the central government but wants it returned to the Kabaka as the head of Buganda kingdom. 

He alleges that the Kabaka has since started inciting squatters on his property that had refused to accept or convince the central government to grant the federal state within Uganda. Kinene accuses the Kabaka for using the federal system of government to oppress him, and being in this region to incite the Buganda tribesmen to meddle fraudulently transfer his property over the banks, hence this case.  

On the other hand, Kinene accuses President Museveni of irreversible economic damages to his interests as he reportedly garnished his accounts and caused the transfer of his unnamed property through false statutes. He also says Museveni through the Ugandan government froze his mobile money accounts arbitrary. Kinene also says that he holds serious grievances against former US President Barack Obama who is reportedly an agent of the holocaust. 

According to Kinene, Obama reportedly masterminded political problems to put him in a dead corner in collusion with other the respondents. He further alleges that Obama had one time invited him to Kenya to iron out some issues arising from the former’s business but he didn't go due to financial constraints and that the dispute has persisted.    

He says Trump is the same as Obama since he holds the same office whose ambition is to destroy his international reputation. He states he has been occasionally swindled by massive forgery masterminded by the defendants. He seeks damages and costs of the suit.    


+3 #1 Wainainchi 2019-06-12 05:35
Happy Happy Indeed to see His Excellency president of the Republic of Uganda Yoweri Kaguta Museveni cordially greeting and shaking hands and exchanging smiles with the president of the United States of America Donald Trump!

This meeting and photograph show real friendship and mutual understanding between the two great Statesmen ,one leading the Global Superpower America and the other Africa as the Father of all Africa Good to see and enjoy this moment in time !! I think all those muyaye are hiding their faces and grinding their bloody teeth with anger .!!!!
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+1 #2 Concerned Ugandan 2019-06-12 09:58
Surely the concerned registrars should be able to tell between a genuine suit and one that is filed by a mentally unstable person!

The person filing the suit obviously needs medical attention for mental issues.
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