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Dr Agaba murder suspect remanded to Luzira prison

Suspect Ken Ronald Obongo

Suspect Ken Ronald Obongo

Makindye Chief Magistrate's court has remanded a private security guard, Ken Ronald Obongo to prison for allegedly killing Dr Catherine Agaba of International Hospital Kampala (IHK).

24-year-old Obongo on Wednesday appeared before Grade II magistrate, John Okipi and was charged with aggravated robbery and one count of murder. Okipi remanded Obongo to Luzira prison until May 13 as investigations in the case continue.

Prosecution alleges that on April 12, Obongo at GPS Apartments in Muyenga, Bukasa parish, Kampala district with malice aforethought strangled Dr Agaba, killing her instantly. 

Prosecution further alleges that Obongo robbed Agaba of a home theatre, a gas cooker, mobile phone, a flat screen TV, and utensils among other items. Dr Agaba, 27, was reported missing by her family members and friends two weeks ago.

Her body was found dumped in a septic tank in the apartments allegedly owned by Kooki kingdom premier Hajji Ahmed Kiwanuka. Obongo was arrested from his home village in Adyeda Loro sub county, Oyam district after being tracked by security operatives.

He allegedly confessed to the murder, claiming that he killed Dr Agaba because she always reported him to his boss for coming late for work and that he didn't like her.

In a related development, Kabalagala police station has released a US-based Ugandan doctor, Andrew Ntambi, who had been arrested in connection to the disappearance of Dr Agaba. 

Police had arrested Dr Ntambi after Agaba’s boyfriend Dr Muhammad Hassan Muhammad, reported a case of a missing person at Kabalagala police station. In his statement to police, Muhammad cited Dr Ntambi as a person whom he suspected to be having knowledge about his girlfriend’s disappearance. 

As a hunt for Dr Agaba intensified, police also arrested Dr Muhammad suspecting him to have had a hand in his girlfriend’s disappearance. 

Patrick Onyango, the Kampala Metropolitan Police spokesperson, said Dr Ntambi and Dr Muhammad were unconditionally released on Tuesday evening since there was no evidence linking them to the crime.

“We have released them unconditionally because the guard has confessed that he killed Dr Agaba. We are however going to keep watching them in case we find any link they will be arrested again,” Onyango said.


0 #1 Wooden K. 2019-04-25 15:09
Hello Uganda , here we go again !

There is no question that it was Obongo who strangled and dumped Dr.Agaba`s body

After he has said the whole truth and named who paid him , OBONGO SHOULD BE HANGED immediately. We have to get outraged and tough with our people`s killers.

We must all also get angry when extreme MUSLIMS murder Catholics/ Christians like they did in Sri Lanka.

The sc "religion of Peace" has been infected by too much Kawukuumi , yet our bearded Shiekhs are silent about it .

Lastly , we must warn Haji Ali Kiwanuka to stop his anti-Buganda attitude . We now know that he has a home right here in Buganda.
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