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Bobi Wine is a free man but only within his home - minister

Bobi Wine

Bobi Wine

Kyadondo East member of parliament Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine is not free to leave his home in Magere at the moment, the minister of state for Internal Affairs Mario Obiga Kania has said. 

Kyagulanyi has been under house arrest since Easter Monday, and minister Obiga yesterday told parliament that he will remain so because the state suspects that he has committed a crime.

"Hon Kyagulanyi is a free man within the confines of his home. He is not being detained at his home as a politician, he is being detained as Robert Kyagulanyi whom the police say has committed some crimes." Obiga.

The minister said Kyagulanyi is expected to report to the Crime Intelligence and Investigations Department (CIID) headquarters in Kibuli this week to make a statement about his alleged crimes. Deputy speaker of parliament Jacob Oulanyah however told Obiga that even in the event that Kyagulanyi committed a crime, his home is a not a designated detention centre and the state ought to follow the law while enforcing the same. 

Kyagulanyi was arrested on Monday and forcefully driven back into his home after attempting to access his One Love Beach in Busabala. Security has since laid a siege to his home with the legislator's movements and visitors restricted. On Sunday, police cancelled his 'Kyarenga Extra' show at his One Love Beach, arguing that he failed to guarantee the security of the expected revellers. 

Police director of operations Asuman Mugenyi argued that Kyagulanyi's previous music concerts held at One Love Beach fell short of security guidelines. Mugenyi further claimed that Bobi Wine's shows have severally turned into a public nuisance, violated traffic rules and regulations and caused other misconducts, which don’t only breach the law, but endanger the lives of other people who are not even part of his music events.  


Kampala lord mayor, Erias Lukwago says he will file an application challenging police’s continued blocking of Kyagulanyi's music shows. According to Kyagulanyi, police has blocked or cancelled at least 124 shows where he was headlined to perform in the last few months.    
Lukwago on Wednesday received a file of documents for the cancelled 'Kyarenga Extra' show from events manager Andrew Mukasa alias Bajjo. The show was scheduled for Easter Monday, however it was blocked by police over security. 

The cancellation triggered confrontation between police and Kyagulanyi's supporters. Lukwago says he will set up a legal team to argue out the application basing on enforcement of rights and freedoms by courts as premised in Article 50 of the Constitution. He says the case is meant to ensure Kyagulanyi and the entire Fire Base Crew return on stage to perform because it is their constitutional right. 


Meanwhile, the Common League of the Uganda Diaspora (CLOUD) has also called on government to stop blocking Kyagulanyi's music concerts. Martin Byakuleka, the president CLOUD says whereas the reason given by police for stopping Kyagulanyi's concert was lack of personnel to offer security to the revelers, the same police force deployed scores of personnel to block the music show. 

He says that Kyagulanyi is being treated unfairly by the state since he is seen as a threat to the leadership of the country. 

“This was obviously a masked regime effort to economically frustrate Hon. Kyagulanyi, especially after he expressed his interest to stand for the country’s presidency,” the statement reads. 

Byakuleka says government has arrested and frustrated other opposition individuals in the same manner that Bobi Wine is being frustrated especially those who have showed interest to contest for the presidency. 


0 #11 Akot 2019-04-25 19:39
Lakwena, thanks, but,

Every thing depends on Ugandans & they alone, in UNITY, can remind Museveni of his origin of which Ugandans know nothing, yet gave him selter even when Tanzania-Kenya saw through the demon & didn't want him to settle with them!

Why is the tribalistic system still standing, as Ugandans must surely know they are along with Museveni as long as they hold on to tribal allegience & maintain the inhuman disgusting primitive system that goes against international principles?
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+1 #12 Akot 2019-04-25 19:44
Twebz, agreed, but,

Bobi Wine is renowned internationally & not internally! This is why he MUST call tribal leaders to stand down & Ugandans to UNITY, then & only then, Ugandans will get international help too.

Why is Bobi Wines house not surrounded/protected by Ugandans, to give him the 'people power' without which, no opposition leader can ever make a stand?
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0 #13 Akot 2019-04-25 19:49
Quoting Willy:
Yesterday, it was Besigye under house arrest, to day it is Hon. Kyagulanyi Bobi Wine, tomorrow it will be someone else.

Accursed be the Life President!


Just to add; Rwenzururu tribal leader couldn't make is stand either as he fought a lonely tribalistic battle & forgot it's bringing down the tribalistic system keeping Museveni on that MUST come first, then UNITY of ALL, then & only then, Ugandans will be able to go for the kind of governance they will chose!

Is Museveni using rwandese in the army/police to silence opposition/Ugandans?
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0 #14 Akot 2019-04-25 19:57
Zaitun, agreed.

Can you imagine if tribal leaders stand down & Ugandans UNITE, as Sudanese...?

Yet, it's also time to wonder how many Ugandans will still be friends, say hello/not be suspicious of one another... when Museveni will be no more & what the situation will be, who will be in command as next chief tribal leader?
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0 #15 WADADA roger 2019-04-25 22:22
Mario obiga has also become so arrogant but they say pride goes before a fall
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