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Namugongo, Kitende send most students

St Mary’s Kitende

St Mary’s Kitende

In the battle for government university admissions every year, some schools seem to have a high achievement, lists of this year’s admissions released separately by eight public universities continue to show.

An analysis of this year’s 2,589 government admissions to public universities heralds a growing trend. Some schools appear to hold some leverage in getting their students into particular university programmes.

Our analysis finds that with 182 admission slots, St Mary’s SS Kitende continues to send the most students to public universities, followed closely by Uganda Martyrs SS Namugongo with 111 admissions.

Mengo SS cemented her place as the best day school in the country – with a third place finish with 67 admissions. King’s College Budo was fourth with 61 admissions. On account of their general better performance at A-level, St Mary’s SS Kitende and Uganda Martyrs SS Namugongo made the bulk of the 2,589 student admissions list on government sponsorship.

They got their students enrolled in almost every university course. They, however, dominated the science courses intake. Uganda Martyrs SS Namugongo got in more engineering students than any other school at Makerere and Kyambogo universities. St Mary’s SS Kitende, however, made a bold imprint on other science courses, particularly the bachelor of Medicine and Surgery.    

Namilyango College edged out Namugongo in Makerere’s fresher Civil Engineering class, while Mengo SS made a strong showing in the Technical Drawing department. It took in more Architecture students at Makerere, and Kyambogo.

Others worth a mention are Gombe SS, whose agriculture pedigree is growing at Makerere, Kyambogo and Busitema universities. King’s College Budo and Namilyango College put in a strong showing in entries in the Mathematics department owing to their improved performance in the economics business programmes.

As the trend has been in the past three years, northern and eastern Uganda remained on the fringes. There are less than 20 students on the government admissions list from those regions, who can attribute their performance purely to schools based in northern Uganda. To be specific, Gulu district alone has only three, while Lira accounts for just one!

Eastern Uganda’s best ambassador is Iganga SS. All the other major schools in eastern Uganda appear to have lost ground to those in central and western Uganda. It is hard to tell why this poor showing continues, despite concerted efforts to improve schools in northern Uganda, through improved infrastructure and training for teachers.

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