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City traders withdraw case against businessmen Lubega, Yanga

Kampala city traders have withdrawn a civil case against city businessmen Drake Lubega and Mansur Matovu aka Yanga.

Last week, traders from Qualicel bus terminal, Nabukeera plaza and Jamboree arcade petitioned the High court (Land Division) asking to deposit their rent with the court until the on-going management problems on who owns the buildings are sorted out.

Currently, both Lubega and Matovu are claiming ownership of the building and want the traders to pay them their rent arrears. The traders were initially paying Horizon Coaches Limited formerly under the management by the late Charles Muhangi but went to court last month after Lubega and Yanga started closing buildings demanding rent fees.

On Friday, the traders through their lawyer, Erias Lukwago withdrew the case citing the allocation of the file to Justice Andrew Bashaija.

Lukwago notes that when the case was filed last month, the court registrar allocated it to Justice Musa Ssekaana. According to Lukwago, the traders resolved to withdraw the case after realising that they have not and will not get justice. 

Justice Bashaija defended the allocation of the case file to him. He explains that the file was initially allocated to him but he was not around during that time. 

Bashaija says that the file was allocated to Justice Ssekaana but he couldn’t handle the case too since he was at that time away on official duties. Lukwago told Bashaija that he was withdrawing the case. Bashaija ordered traders to pay costs to Lubega and Yanga. 


0 #1 rubangakene 2019-04-14 17:53
Why fight for and eyesore of a place like this? Kampala City Council should close the whole place down and order the so called owners to bring it up to standards worthy of a modern city.

This reminds me of Bombay. Alternatively the council could enforce a compulsory purchase at the lowest price and bring it up to 'scratch'; this Mayor must "grow balls" to prove he is no longer in the shadow of Lady Musoke!
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0 #2 Akot 2019-04-14 20:00
City traders would be in real business & earn their living, if the country was ruled correctly with National Education as priority to give chance to 'knowledge', thus, job creation & people would know how to live together in respect of one another, no matter what your job is.

It's population that drives business & the people must be in position to pruchase to let business go well!

Good e.g is Paris business, bogged down with continued 'yellow vest' demonstrations as government has not met their demand.

Well, Sudanese had to come out too, to make their stand or there would NEVER have been change & they are not giving up until they get what they want!

Ugandans will get a start the moment they bring change & put in place the kind of governance they will be alright with.

The few that have money cannot allow business to run normally, right,
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