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Minister Bahati, MP Sabiiti clash over age-limit 'apology'

Sabiiti accused Bahati of fabricating a lie

Sabiiti accused Bahati of fabricating a lie

The state minister for Finance, David Bahati and Rubanda West MP Denis Sabiiti today clashed over an alleged apology for voting against a constitutional amendment that lifted the presidential age limit.

Drama started when Bahati named Sabiiti as one of the legislators who'd apologised to President Museveni for voting against the amendments back in December 2017 yet the amendment had been sanctioned by the NRM caucus.

Through the amendment, parliament removed the cap on the presidential age limit, extended its term of office from five to seven years and reinstated presidential term limits. A total of 317 MPs voted in favour of the motion while 97 voted against. 

A total of 23 National Resistance Movement (NRM) legislators who has voted against some of the amendments, reportedly apologized to President Museveni early this week. They include, Fort Portal Municipality MP Alex Ruhunda, Kabarole Woman MP Sylvia Rwabwogo, Mubende Municipality MP Anthony Semmuli, Dokolo South MP Felix Okot Ogong, among others. 

Bahati told a congregation during a fundraising ceremony for the construction of structures at Rubanda Technical Institute, that Sabiiti was among the 23 who had also apologized for not supporting the amendment. The apology was reportedly issued on the sidelines of the just concluded NRM retreat in Kyankwanzi.

Bahati said that although Sabiiti has apologized before the president and other NRM members of parliament, he had made a very wrong decision. Bahati's statements however evoked anger from Sabiiti who openly denied being part of those who apologized for voting against age limit removal.

Sabiiti said that he voted against the amendment because he could not go against the will of his voters who had unanimously asked him not to support any move to scrap the presidential age limit from the constitution.  

Sabiiti faulted Bahati for fabricating a lie, adding that such leaders shouldn’t be voted for because they always fulfill their personal interests ahead of the desires of their electorate. 

"I never apologised, I have never written to National Resistance Movement over my position. Get it clear, and I will never do it. My conscious is clear, I was representing the position of my constituency. Majority of them said, take this one there, it is what I took there. Others decided not to take the people’s position there. But me, I felt, if I don’t, I would not be representing them. I would rather leave that parliament than not representing the people who sent me there." Sabiiti said. 

At least Shs 26.6 million, two desktop computers and 74 bags of cement were collected in cash and pledges towards the construction of structures. Bahati contributed Shs 15 million.


+3 #1 WADADA roger 2019-03-25 00:19
Museveni is like the guy many prefer to call the evil, he doesnt give you any thing for free, he will find the earliest opportunity to expose you
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+4 #2 Lakwena 2019-03-25 08:55
Quoting WADADA roger:
Museveni is like the guy many prefer to call the evil, he doesnt give you any thing for free, he will find the earliest opportunity to expose you

In other words Wadada, David Bahati is Mr. M7's evil. Arch agent. Actually detest Bahati because is such a slimy, dark and vile soul.

E.g., recently Bahati hypnotized MPs into approving Govt. guaranteeing the US$320 million loan, for the Italian foreign investors obnoxious Lubowa Hospital
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+4 #3 Zaitun 2019-03-25 10:29
This Bahati man has no soul at all. He is one of the representatives of Devil whose responsibility is to justify all the evils done to Ugandans.

Such people MUST be resisted by all means and at any moment if Ugandans really have glittering souls other than darkened ones.

All the evils they are causing in the name of Museveni will follow them wherever they will go, even down to their graves; while their children, wherever they will try to bury their heads, will forever be identified with their monster parents' incessant guilt.
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0 #4 Odongkara 2019-03-25 19:17
Any way the question is have the gangsters in the nrm ever spoken truth?

From the top to the bottom all of them are blood sucking pathological liars.
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+1 #5 WADADA roger 2019-03-25 19:34
Bahati is a boot leaker, he wants to impress the appointing authority
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0 #6 Akot 2019-03-25 19:45
There we go, Ugandans fighting themselves while Museveni just goes on!

If this was a real parliament working for the people who elect mps, it would have impeached Museveni a while ago!

Without tribal leaders standing down to give way to UNITY against Musevnei & blocking him to force him out, Ugandans have no right, no decency, no reason go for presiedention/parliamentary elections any more; unless they are robots programmed by Museveni!

Museveni will NEVER lose & MUST not be legitimised through another fake election that only blinds the world to real situation!
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0 #7 Akot 2019-03-25 19:51
[quote name="WADADA roger"] Museveni is like the guy many prefer to call the evil, he doesnt give you any thing for free, he will find the earliest opportunity to expose you .

Agreed, so,

Why is the tribalistic system keeping Museveni on still standing, when the demon has no tribal land in Uganda & can be thrown out by just UNITY of Ugandans?

Ugandans must by now know as long as they are tribalists & tribalistically ruled by their common enemy, the outside world will remain silent on what the demon does to them!

It's time to ask what Ugandans will do when Museveni will be no more; will another migrant take his place!
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0 #8 Akot 2019-03-25 20:06
Zaitun, agreed, and,

This is why Ugandans MUST UNITE NOW to throw Museveni out before he drops dead & leve them enemies of one another!

A people who fight one another/used by a demon ruler will never work together after the demon is no more, but will continue fighting one another!

Look at how Kadhafi tribalistically divided & ruled Libya & after his death, the war/destruction continue as they never knew how to live together! Where are Kadhafi's children/those who helped him dictate & how do they live?

Why is migrant Museveni & family more Ugandans than our people to whom the country fromed by tribal lands belongs?
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0 #9 rubangakene 2019-03-26 19:15
Sabiiti is a good man who doesn't suffer fools gladly; He is a fearless guy who will give you his opinion strongly and well expressed, be in no doubt.
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