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Kadaga airlifted to Nairobi for treatment

Aga Khan hospital

Aga Khan hospital

The speaker of parliament Rebecca Kadaga has now been transferred to Aga Khan hospital in Nairobi for treatment.

Kadaga was on Thursday admitted at Nakasero hospital, where she was allegedly being treated for fatigue-related illnesses. 

According to a statement issued by the Office of the Speaker of Parliament, Kadaga became ill as a result of a hectic work schedule, fatigue and jet-lag upon her return from long haul flights to New York, USA  and Rabat, Morocco.  
Kadaga was in New York for the 63rd UN Commission on the Status of Women which is ending today. Prior to the meeting, she had attended the 14th session of the Parliamentary Union of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation Conference (PUOIC) in Rabat, Morocco.  

According to sources at Nakasero hospital, Kadaga was unconscious by the time she was admitted in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). Now, according to Sam Obbo, the principle press secretary to the speaker, Kadaga was transferred upon advice by the doctors.

He says the speaker was transferred to Nairobi today morning. Obbo however could not disclose the exact condition of the speaker saying those were private and needed doctors.

“She is stable and continues to recover. She looks forward to resuming her duties in the shortest time possible” Obbo’s statement reads.

Indeed a government official who did not want to be named said by the time Kadaga got transferred to Nairobi, she'd regained consciousness. 


+1 #11 Akot 2019-03-24 18:40
Quoting Jama:
She is Lucky to be airlifted to the neighboring country,where at least they have constructed adequate medical facilities.

But how many Ugandans have this chance of benefiting from the public treasury for further medical care?

The constant here is after,3 decades of garbage rule the NRM has failed to offer Ugandans dignified medical facilities.

Thanks, so,

Why are Ugandans going along, knowing it's the people's power that will put an end to this senseless situation?

Algerians don't have the alternative viable opposition leader, but have come out in UNITY!

Why are Ugandans at peace with the status quo sinking them deer in the shithole?
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+1 #12 Akot 2019-03-24 18:50
Quoting Wooden K.:
it is not Kadaga that is sick ; its the Brains of most Ugandans that are totally sick.

Look at OBBO`s brain as an example . Instead of being concrened about Kagada`s Health and Life , he is Think about how she looks forward to resuming her duties as soon as possible.

It is as if her duties are more important than her life.

Kadaga switched off because of too much "duties".


Only brainless people can go along with the kind of rule in Uganda!

No wonder the outside world doesn't talk about Ugandans any more, evey when they join Museveni in looting our land riches, while Uganda tax money services their healthcare!

When sick, shot, Dr Obote was rushed to Mulago or any other hospital in Uganda!

How much do Ugandans pay for officials treated abroad?
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+2 #13 WADADA roger 2019-03-25 00:10
Am not a sadist if you want to call me one but i think this woman should have been treated here, there is nothing any one can do if she is meant to die.

All the money that Government intends to use on her can change the face of mulago
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+2 #14 WADADA roger 2019-03-25 00:21
Let us not spend so much on her, if she dies, we shall find another speaker, her deputy is on stand by and hoping a miracle happens so that he takes the chair
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+1 #15 Lakwena 2019-03-25 12:46
In other words, it is a national disgrace! Uganda does not have health facilities to treat her ranks and file citizens.

E.g., when did we ever hear the UK or Canadian Speaker of Parliament being rushed to the US for emergency medical attention? Shame on the regime in State House.

In 1969 prime Minister Apollo Milton Obote (RIP) was shot in the mouth by Sebadduka, but Mulago Hospital had the facility and our doctors could save his life.

But after 33 years in power, under the Visionary Leader, Mr. M7; all sick VIPs have to flee for their dear lives into a foreign hospital.

What a cursed country called Uganda!
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