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Opposition leaders denied access to parliament

LoP Betty Aol Ocan

LoP Betty Aol Ocan

Political party leaders were yesterday blocked from accessing the parliamentary building, where they had gone to meet the Leader of Opposition (LoP) over the contentious proposed amendment of the Administration of Parliament Act and electoral reforms.

The leaders who were denied access include FDC's Harold Kaija, UPC's spokesperson Orach Osinde, Conservative Party's John Ken Lukyamuzi, JEEMA's Muhammad Kibirige Mayanja and DP secretary general Gerald Siranda, among others. 

The team had reportedly been invited by LoP Betty Aol Ocan for a meeting in her boardroom to devise a strategy to defeat the bill which is sponsored by Busiro East MP Medard Lubega Sseggona. But the meeting was reportedly stopped by the clerk to parliament, Jane Kibirige on the pretext that all parliament's rooms were occupied and could not hold a meeting of that magnitude. 
In a letter dated February 11, Kibirige said that parliament was due to host an exit meeting of the Parliamentary Committee on Commissions, Statutory Authorities and State Enterprise (Cosase), and would not be able to handle the two meetings at the same time.

"I have advised that you contact the Prime Minister's Office to use their conference hall for convenience," Kibirige said in the letter copied to the speaker and deputy speaker of parliament, the sergeant-at-arms and the parliamentary police division commander.

But Ocan said there is no way she should be stopped from holding meetings in her own Leader of Opposition office boardroom. She said the meeting was also going to be attended by the presidents of the different opposition political parties, as a continuation of a similar meeting held last week.

Ocan said the blocked leaders were the official opposition representatives of the political parties, who deserve to be treated with dignity 

"Our meeting was put off, not by us, but by the clerk. Even if she now wanted us to meet elsewhere, she should have really contacted me as a person…There are no reasons as to why she should send us away from parliament. Why was this office given if I cannot host my visitors in the boardroom. It was very annoying but am still waiting for an explanation from her," she Ocan said.
Siranda said multiparty politics is under threat and that this blockage is a signal that they are being disrespected from all fronts.


-1 #1 Akot 2019-02-12 19:23
Opposition parties/leaders are of no use, unless they merger to form 1 body with 1 leader to UNITE Ugandans for Independence!

Museveni is already campaigning for next fake election, Ugandans are with him as they see no real opposition-no socioeconomic programme for change & won't put themselves in danger!

Ugandans need viable alternative leadership & not meaningless opposition that doesn't know UNITY of Ugandans is needed, to ensure Museveni is out!

Why would Ugandans vote to bring in yet useless mps who only come for pays, new cars, good housing...without even knowing what democracy is & why they are elected?

Ugandans need leadership for change, then good governance with socioeconomic programmes, to ensure: education, subsidy to modernise agriculture & not mps who come to debate Museveni museveni...
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0 #2 Akot 2019-02-12 19:31
...How can there be opposition to Museveni with tribal leaders ensuring Ugandans pay allegience to tribal belonging, while the divisive tribalistic system can/will only ensure Museveni & not any Ugandan from any tribe?

Museveni is already assured of the next 30 years & is preparing his son to take over the family business, but mps opposition mps don't see it!

FDC, UPC's, Conservative Party, JEEMA, DP, besides helping Museveni divide Ugandans even more, where are your socioeconomic programme to entice Ugandans so that they vote for any of you?

How will 5 divisive parties attract an already tribally divided & ruled Ugandans, especially as non has alternative plans & non knows what opposing is?

It's Ugandans glued to Museveni that opposition must tear away through UNITY & socioeconomic programme for change, right?
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