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Baguma back in police after 2 year suspension

Aaron Baguma embraced by a family member after the DPP dropped murder charges against him

Aaron Baguma embraced by a family member after the DPP dropped murder charges against him

The inspector general of police (IGP) Okoth Ochola has redeployed SP Aaron Baguma after more than two years of serving a suspension over the alleged murder of businesswoman Donah Katushabe.
Baguma the former divisional police commander (DPC), Kampala Central police station, got suspended in July 2016 over allegations that he played a hand in the alleged murder of Katushabe at Pine car bond in 2015. 

Baguma who was arrested in 2017 and remanded to Luzira prison until January 2018 is now been deployed in the private security and firearms department under the directorate of operations.

Two days earlier, Ochola had appointed Baguma as the police representative at the National Medical Stores (NMS).

"SP Baguma Aaron's attachment to NMS is cancelled. He instead moves to private security and firearms department, directorate of operations," reads Ochola's message in part.

Katushabe was reportedly tortured to death at Pine car bond after she allegedly failed to pay a balance of Shs 9 million for a vehicle that she'd earlier bought.

Prosecution stated that on October 21, 2015, Baguma found Katusabe being beaten and just asked her to pay off the debt instead of saving her from the irate mob led by Muhammed Ssebuwufu, the proprietor of Pine car bond.

It added that Baguma, went to Ssebuwufu's private office where he spent about 15 minutes and was later seen leaving the scene in Sebuwufu's car. While Baguma was leaving, he allegedly asked Ssebuwufu "to handle the issue and call him in case he failed." 

However, the director of public prosecutions (DPP) Mike Chibita dropped the charges against Baguma last year after failing to find evidence that could implicate him in the alleged murder. Chibita then said he dropped the murder charges against Baguma because murder file had gone missing.

Later, Chibita reportedly told Katushabe's family that there was no evidence linking Baguma to the murder contrary to his earlier communication.
He also told the family that Baguma would be a state witness. Baguma was jointly charged with eight others including Muhammed Ssebuwufu, Godfrey Kayiza, Philip Mirambe, Stephen Lwanga, Paul Tasingika, Yoweri Kitayimba, Shaban Otuddu and Damaseni Ssentongo.
The prosecution of Baguma drew angry reactions from the then IGP Kale Kayihura who are accused the DPP for witch-hunting the officer. 
According to the public service standing orders, once a government employee is cleared of criminal charges or they are dropped, he is supposed to write to the Public Service Commission and be reinstated. Baguma is also supposed to receive a refund of all his salary that was deducted during his interdiction.
"A public officer interdicted shall receive such salary not being less than half of his/her basic salary, subject to a refund of the other half, in case the interdiction is lifted and the charges dropped," reads the standing order in part. 
From the start of the case, Baguma had insisted that he had only passed at the bond and seen the victim in Sebuwufu's office.


+2 #1 rubangakene 2019-01-19 21:01
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+2 #2 Denikov Kirpichenko 2019-01-19 23:59
This regime never fails to keep up with people's expectations.

Am sure everyone expected this. Enkima ddi lweyali essaze ogwekibira??
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0 #3 Akot 2019-01-20 19:46
Denikov Kirpichenko,

Agreed, but,

It's the after Museveni Ugandans should think of before he dies & leaves empty chair!

As tribal leaders hold on to thier posts & Ugandans are alright with this, when Museveni dies of old age at +90, what will our people do then?

Ugandans can go along with Museveni while blaming him but what then after him, especially as he will leave the tribalistic system on & there can't be common National Leader to handle the next move?

Uganda needed a start after Amin & there was the National Exective Consultative Council to handle the next move, right?

Will Museveni's family (rwandese/somalians) take over & continue family business & the tribalistic system will continue to maintain peace?
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0 #4 Stewart 2019-01-21 12:45
Yes, remember there are super Ministers, Constables, even Super President, next time you should not be surprised.
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0 #5 mugarra philip 2019-01-21 14:54
This case has drugged for long no wonder the file cannot be found because a policeman was involved and the investigators are the same Police.
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0 #6 Jama 2019-01-21 18:53
No doubt since he comes from a privileged tribe he has that advantage, unlike the Kirumiiras, Bakaleke and others.
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