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Kamya, Lukwago bicker over KCCA enforcement

Kampala Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago has no authority to call for the re-deployment of the head of law enforcement, Kituma Rusoke, minister for Kampala and Metropolitan Affairs, Beti Kamya has said.

In a letter dated January 8, Kamya informed Lukwago that he is not mandated to implement authority resolutions because this is a preserve of the technical wing of Kampala Capital City Authority, headed by the executive director.

Kamya was responding to a letter that Lukwago wrote to the inspector general of police, calling for re-deployment of Rusoke.

KCCA council in 2017 passed a resolution calling for Kituma's transfer following the death of Olivia Basemera, a vendor who was running from law enforcement officers in Kampala. It was said Kituma was personally commanding the law enforcement team that was chasing Basemera when she fell in the Nakivubo channel.  

"The obligation to implement lawful Authority resolutions is the preserve of the executive director in accordance with section 19(h) of Kampala Capital City Authority Act, 2010 and not the Lord Mayor or other extraneous authority," the response reads.

Lukwago in his New Year message said 2019 will be action-packed as they chase away all personnel, illegally occupying offices at City Hall. Lukwago said he had started with Kituma, by writing to the IGP asking for his immediate transfer.

"We have already written to the inspector general of police (IGP) first and foremost, asking him to recall his man, SSP Kituma Rusoke. We passed a resolution a long time ago, asking him to take back his man," Lukwago told journalists on, January 8, 2019.  

"Kituma has no contract, he has no appointment letter. He came here as head of police that works here guarding us or our installations but he became head of law enforcement," he argued.  

Lukwago opined that other police deployed at KCCA are transferred time and again but Kituma has been at City Hall illegally for over five years. 


0 #1 Akot 2019-01-18 20:57
Mayor Erias Lukwago is a legitimpate leader of Ugandans, while Beti Kamya is an insult to Ugandans as she is elected by Museveni to ensure Ugandans are not served by their elected Mayor!
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0 #2 Omuzira Ente 2019-01-19 17:32
Mayor Lukwago may end up like the Late Ben Kiwanuka both men have never separated politics from religion call it "The rule of Law".

Mayor Lukwago learnt nothing from the wise leadership of his mentor Late Sebaana Kizito. No body whats to be embarrassed.

It is very possible to work with your enemies in a public office and the institution develops. when things are done the wrong way Mayor Lukwago needs to meet in closed doors with Minister and Executive director to agree to disagree and problems are solved internally.

Mayor, move away from the press. how do justify cerebrating when a fellow Muganda leaves office knowing very well that she was being used by an external force.

If both the Mayor and Minister swallow their pride knowing that both of them will not be in these offices after 2021 then they can learn to forgive each and act like mature people, when a marriage goes sour you dont go the press because you have children to protect and bring they up together in separation.
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0 #3 kabayekka 2019-01-19 18:41
Something is definitely wrong with these officials. They do not seem to have any human sympathy with the family that lost a loving member of their family.

They ordered the law enforcement officer to do their dirty work and now they do not want to know anything.

Well then the public wish to see justice being done concerning the conspiracy of the staff of KCCA to murder a lady of the name Olivia Basemera!
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