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Lokodo suspends Ssempa from pornography control committee

Pastor Martin Ssempa

Pastor Martin Ssempa

Pastor Martin Ssempa has been suspended from the pornography control committee (PCC). 

Ethics and Integrity minister, Fr. Simon Lokodo announced the suspension in a letter dated December 18, 2018.

"I in the meantime, I wish to inform you that your stay on the membership of PCC stands withdrawn," the letter reads. 

Lokodo said that Ssempa's suspension was as a result of under-performance. 

"The committee denounced him for not performing in unison with them. We asked him to defend himself but he decided to go to court. We are now waiting for the court to decide," Lokodo said. 

Lokodo notes in the letter that Ssempa's case has been referred to the "attorney general's chamber for the necessary advice on the next course of action."

Lokodo in the suspension letter also cites earlier warnings to Ssempa. 

"You may wish to recall that my letter to you requested you to reply within fourteen days on the allegations made in the two separate letters so that I may make my administrative decision on the way forward," the letter says. 

The suspension letter further says; "you did not reply but chose to escalate it (the situation) to your lawyers to handle it for you." 

Ssempa, the founder of Makerere Community Church was nominated on the committee inaugurated in August 2017 as representative of religious institutions. He did not show up for the inauguration and has shunned several functions organized by the committee. 

Ssempa has in the past weeks been in the media attacking Bobi Wine over his latest activism song. He accuses the Kyadondo East legislator of adulterating religious melodies for political gains in the Tuliyambala Engule song. 

Ssempa declined to comment on his suspension. "I can't be at liberty to discuss that. Okay. I work for the directorate of Ethics and Integrity and I am under oath, I can't speak. I am a law-abiding citizen. My issue are before the right offices," he said.

The nine-member pornographic control committee was inaugurated in 2017 to prevent use or spread of pornographic materials and information. 


0 #1 kabayekka 2019-01-14 01:02
Typical of some one pointing fingers at his friends when at the same time 3 fingers are pointing to himself.

Uganda is an African secular republican state. It is doubtful if 50 Saints can ever change this country without shedding human blood.
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0 #2 Amooti Mugi 2019-01-15 11:58
Which catholic parish is the Father working under?? Someone furnish us with his profile.

He is a strong man.
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