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Flights to Entebbe cancelled as ET plane overshoots runway

The plane at the runway end

The plane at the runway end

All incoming flights to Entebbe airport have been delayed or rerouted to neighbouring airports after an Ethiopian Airlines plane a Boeing 737-800 overshot the runway during landing today morning. 

Although they were also delayed for several hours after the 12:41am incident, outbound flights can now take off according to Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) public relations manager Vianney Luggya.

The ET 338 flight from Addis Ababa overshot the runway at 12:41am today while landing according to statements by both Ethiopian Airlines and CAA. The cause of the incident is not yet known. Entebbe airport is undergoing an expansion development to meet the increased traffic. 

All 139 passengers and crew aboard were safely deplaned and now efforts are underway to tow away the plane from the runway end. 

Asked how long it will take to clear the runway for inbound flights, Luggya said until when the plane has been towed away.


+4 #1 Wainanchi 2019-01-03 13:25
Very lucky for everybody!Thank you Lord!!
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-1 #2 kabayekka 2019-01-03 17:51
Entebbe International Airport is not all that overcrowded with traffic when one compares it with many upcoming airports in the Arabia countries which are full capacity 24/7 at about 5000 planes every day.

This accident seems to suggest that it was pilot error. Ethiopian Airways one hopes is not working its great African crews like donkeys there by putting airways passengers at greater risk.

Ethiopian Airways seems to be trying hard to take on the monopoly of flying in Africa as the only great airways corporation. That is very dangerous business indeed in a very delicate international enterprise.
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+3 #3 Fuller 2019-01-03 22:54
Overshooting a runway may be caused by several factors including visibility, miscommunication with control tower, pilot crew relatively unfamiliar with runway -- list is endless.

Ethiopian Airways pilots, in this incident, deserve credit for minimizing the accident. Records show that they have one of the most experienced staff in the airline business.
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+1 #4 godfrey mubiru 2019-01-04 05:49
Thank God everyone survived.
Doesn't Entebbe have two runways ?

I am no aviation engineer but could this be pilot error misjudging the landing sequence with the ILS landing system ?
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0 #5 rubangakene 2019-01-04 20:13
Godfrey Mubiru,
Let us wait for the CAA to finish their investigations; Entebbe has one active runway although technically there are 'two runways' - '012' and '035' depending from which end you are landing or taking off (complicated isn't it?)

However the other two at the Old Airport are inactive at present, maybe occasionally used for drying 'marua' ingredients of Fire Quarter! unquote.
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0 #6 kabayekka 2019-01-04 21:53
This should be a wakeup call to the Authorities of Uganda who want to start up an Airline after past failures.

The International Air Transport Association is not going to accept to work the African Airways crew anyhow. Standards of Work for them must be up to the international standards without any dodgy national corruption about it.

One knows well how Uganda African Air crew worked with much difficulty under very dangerous working conditions during the many African dictatorial regimes in this country.
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