We'll continue blocking Bobi Wine concerts - Gen Tumwine

Gen Elly Tumwine said Bobi Wine has failed to separate from being an artist or politician

Gen Elly Tumwine said Bobi Wine has failed to separate from being an artist or politician

Security minister Gen Elly Tumwine has said singer Bobi Wine will continue having his shows blocked as long as he continues with his 'defiance' attitude.

The Kyadondo East MP, popularly known as Bobi Wine has seen several of several shows blocked over what police says is failure on his part to meet the requirements.

On Boxing Day, police blocked Bobi Wine's concert at One Love beach in Busalaba, Makindye division on grounds that the artist did not get clearance from police. In November, police also blocked his Kyarenga concert that was meant to happen at the Mandela national stadium, Namboole, forcing the artist to move it to One Love beach.

On Thursday some Kampala youths took to the streets burning old car tyres and blocking the road in protest of Bobi Wine's cancelled concerts. Now Gen Tumwine says Bobi Wine has not been listening to security on matters of venue, estimation of crowd, and all the other requirements of the Public Order Management Act.

Tumwine, a seasoned photographer and artist himself, says Bobi Wine is following the stance of opposition doyen and former FDC president Kiiza Besigye of opposing everything, being defiant and also failing government programs.

Tumwine says, by blocking his concerts, security is simply responding to how Bobi Wine has been behaving, adding that anybody who wants to frustrate others will also be frustrated. He says Bobi Wine's only way is to follow everything security wants to the dot if he wants to continue performing.

"If Bobi Wine follows what he’s told by security, there will be no problem. I advised him right from the beginning and I am willing to advise him every other time..."He needs to calm down and separate his political stance of defiance from his artistic stance. You know artists are objective, we think for everybody. But once you now start taking a sectarian line which is confrontational to others, then you meet the necessary resistance." said Tumwine. 

Tumwine added that Bobi Wine's challenge now is to find a balance between his music and politics, saying the musician and a legislator have different roles. Tumwine says Bobi Wine should not use his talent against the law, as security has a duty to protect all.

Asked why Bobi Wine's concerts continue to be blocked yet the legislator says he met all the requirements, Tumwine said the duty lies with police to ascertain if Bobi Wine has met the requirements. And that if police says he hasn't met the requirements, then it is highly likely that he hasn't because at the moment he is the only artist being blocked. 

"Whatever profession you’re doing, do it within the law. if use whatever profession or talent you have, the law will be against you. The security forces in charge of law enforcement who are in charge of protecting everybody , he has a duty to fulfil their requirements," he added. 

Bobi Wine on his part says he is being sidelined by the regime intentionally although he meets all the requirements requested by security.

"Up to now, we have not been given any 'official' reason as to why the show was blocked because we wrote to police long ago and complied with all legal requirements," Bobi Wine posted on social media.

Parliament ruled before it went for recess that Bobi Wine should be allowed to perform like all other artists. 

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