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Museveni 'ignores' Musisi resignation letter

Jennifer Musisi handed office as KCCA executive director

Jennifer Musisi handed office as KCCA executive director

Jennifer Musisi officially handed over office as the executive director of Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) despite President Yoweri Museveni failing to respond to her resignation letter submitted earlier this year.

Musisi who has been at the helm of KCCA for the past seven years handed in her resignation letter on October 15, but according to the minister for Kampala and Metropolitan Affairs Beti Olive Kamya, Museveni is yet to respond to the letter. 

Musisi was the first accounting officer of the authority established in 2011 following the enactment of KCCA Act, 2010. Kamya said she is waiting for the directive from the president on what happens next at City Hall.

Kamya's revelation that she has not received any communication from the president in regard to Musisi resignation is ostensibly a bluff to this week's media reports that she had started scrutinising names of officials expected to replace Musisi.

Kamya applauded Musisi for a stellar performance in transforming Kampala city during her tenure. She said Musisi's "works are visible to everyone" and added that the smooth running of the institution will continue even in the absence of the substantive executive director.

Kamya handed over files she received from Musisi to officials from the office of auditor general who was in attendance during the handover for verification.

KCCA has no substantive deputy executive director following the resignation of Dr Judith Tumusiime two years ago. Musisi first appointed KCCA director for engineering and technical services Eng. Andrew Kitaka as the acting deputy executive director and later director for revenue Sam Sserunkuma who is still in an acting capacity. 

The president who also wields the powers of appointing the KCCA deputy executive director has never confirmed any these staff who were recommended by Musisi. Being the pivot of the city management, the office of the executive director requires the presence of an acting official. 

Kamya neither appointed an acting official nor said she will be acting but stated that there will be an answer by Monday. 
In her resignation letter, Musisi said KCCA is inadequately staffed and poorly remunerated. She argued that KCCA has not received the necessary political support to transform the city through improvement plans. A number of KCCA staff are on short term contracts at city hall.

There is chilling anxiety among technical staff at KCCA in regard to what will happen to them. Asked about corridor talks of looming termination of contracts for technical staff, Kamya assured that no one will be sacked.


+2 #11 Akot 2018-12-16 18:39
Quoting Kameme:
Seems someone prefers holding people captive! Nowonder the wise are jumping ship.

Agreed, yet,

This won't change a thing for Ugandans, right?

What if every Ugandan walks out of Museveni?

Will Museveni throw Ugandans out of the country because tribal lands that form 'UGANDA' belongs to him & not to Ugandans?
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0 #12 Akot 2018-12-16 18:46
Quoting kabayekka:
The appointing authority has no alternative other than to swallow his own contradictory words.

One cannot force workers to work for you if they do not want to work any more for you.


So, when will Ugandans get tired of working to provide tax money for Museveni, tax money that does not go for social/public services?

Why is Museveni the only thieve accepted, but when it's a Ugandan who has chance to steal a few bank notes, he/she is in trouble with our people?

I am beginning to love sister Jennifer Musisi really; she at least is not living poor in her own country, while watching migrant Museveni own her country's tax money & live like a god!
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+1 #13 Akot 2018-12-16 18:55
Quoting Wooden K.:

In Bududa they say : every dark cloud has a silver lining.

...we see a sliver lining in Jeniffar Musisi standing next to a dark cloud in Beti Kamya.

Finally, we get a chance to watch the first Ugandan in decades walking away from fame and money in peace and with a wide smile.

Thank you Mukyala Jeniffar Musisi !

You showed guts, You were fearless, You ignored your haters. You shook hands with those who insulted and misundertood you.

You were ellegant. pretty, and showed that good manners matter. You refused to get petty and bitter.

We are PROUD of you Jeniffer Musisi!


I am glad to say 'I love sister Jennifer Musisi now'!

EVERY Ugandans must walk out of Museveni, to save Africa before he imposes himself as the Emperor of Africa!

Only Ugandans in UNITY can stop Museveni, right?
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+1 #14 Akot 2018-12-16 19:25
Kameme, agreed, yet,

The captivity Ugandans are held in is open air in a country formed by their tribal lands to which Museveni is no part!

State House, parliament are there because Ugandans agreed to form a Republic then, but it's today migrant Museveni's heaven, while parliament without power legalises his dictatorship, blindfolds the world!

But then again, how can the outside world get against the tribalistic system keeping Museveni in power when Ugandans themselves are alright with, even knowing it's the means Museveni has to rule them as long as he lives!

What will Ugandans do when Museveni dies leaving the tribalistic system as we don't want to form independent tribal statres, nor UNITE & accept 1 of us as common leader?

Worse, Museveni is living us enemies of ourselves; we steal, teargas-harras-arrest one antoher for him...!
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+1 #15 Apollo 2018-12-16 22:26
It was Minister Kamya's vicious attacks that made the decision to resign that much easier.

Gen. Museveni's humiliating gibes were taken with grace while Lord Mayor Lukwago's legal skirmishes were tolerated, however, MInister Kamya's attacks when cruelly delivered there was no reprimand from those that should have provided the protection.

It must have felt like the blows Caeser received from Brutus. E tu Brute!
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+1 #16 Mahe Lwasa 2018-12-16 22:38
Musisi has done it. Usually people are dismissed and ashamed with a radio announcement.

Usually the appointing authority would prefer to disappoint you as well. So this is abnormal in Uganda circles let us wait and see what the authority will do to her!
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+1 #17 WADADA rogers 2018-12-17 14:23
In less than 3 days, many thieving Ugandans are going to wake up without jobs due to the pending massive reshuffle
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+1 #18 WADADA rogers 2018-12-17 14:27
Shockingly, Musisi may bounce back as minister in charge of kampala, Lukwago will shade tears
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