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Parliament wants MP Mudimi prosecuted over Bududa land

Ignatius Wamakuyu Mudimi

Ignatius Wamakuyu Mudimi

MPs want their fellow MP, Ignatius Wamakuyu Mudimi (Elgon County) prosecuted for his alleged irregular involvement in a Shs 4.2 billion land sale to government to facilitate the resettlement of landslide survivors.

The legislators on the Presidential Affairs committee have recommended that charges of fraud be preferred against Wamakuyu for unfulfilled commitments with third-party claimants on the piece of land that he had no instrument mandating him to transact, which resulted into a financial loss to the government.

In November, the committee was tasked to investigate the conflicts around the land acquired by the Office of the Prime Minister (OPM) to resettle more than 150,000 households from mudslide-prone areas around Mt Elgon. It followed media reports indicating that more than Shs 32 billion allocated for the purchase of the land and resettlement activities had been swindled.

The land in question measuring 1,688 acres sits on block 4, plot 10, volume 4,459, folio 9. The land is part of the larger 2,876 acres of land in Bunambutye sub-county in Bulambuli district which OPM bought at Shs 8 billion to resettle people. However, the process hit a snag due to legal challenges.

It was sold to the OPM at Shs 2.5 million per acre equivalent to Shs 4.2 billion by Simu Oil Company Ltd which was represented by Beatrice Gimono as executive director and witnessed by Jancita Nafuna as director. 

"It is the committee's finding that whereas Gimono Beatrice (wife to Mudimi Ignatius Wamakuyu) signed the contract on behalf of Simu Oil Company Ltd, it is actually Mudimi Ignatius Wamakuyu, the managing director of Simu Oil Company Ltd who physically participated in the sale and so spearheaded all negotiations in as far as plot 10 is concerned," reads part of the committee report yet to be debated by parliament.

The committee chaired by Adjumani Woman MP Jessica Ababiku reports that MP Wamakuyu's negotiations included his commitment to compensate the third party claimants who were settled on the said piece of land and submitted that they had no reason not to believe in their area member of parliament then.

Besides the recommended charges of fraud against Wamakuyu, the committee wants the land transaction cancelled. Legislators also want Beatrice Gimono, the executive director Simu Oil Company Ltd and Jancita Nafuna jointly prosecuted for fraud since they acted on behalf of a company without powers of attorney.

"The acting commissioner for disaster preparedness (OPM) at the time of this transaction, Rose Nakabugo is held liable for causing financial loss to the government and untold suffering to the landslide victims and many still at risk," further recommends the committee. 

Parliament has also been asked to hold accountable, members of the Contracts Committee that included Albert Byamugisha, Kazungu D.A, Mayanja Gonzaga, Nantumu Olivia and a one Ahabwe for their incompetence in evaluation and failure to detect that they were dealing with Simu Oil Company Ltd without required instrument that resulted into financial loss to the government.


0 #1 WADADA rogers 2018-12-10 14:03
I think the issues of Bulambuli are bigger than what the recommendation is asking for.

That particular area has always had issues with strangers coming in and out to claim the land. initially, it were the karamajongs, later the Sabiny.

You cant even blame the Government for spending such colossal sums of money, guess its due diligence was limited to a such to determine ownership and the seller's commitment to compensate the squatters.
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0 #2 rubangakene 2018-12-10 19:42
The Uganda Parliament should amend the law so that corruption cases should be equated to treason so as to safeguard Uganda, its citizens and property from dubious deals.

The perpetrators of these treacherous and heinous crimes should be punished severely and their properties and ill-gotten loots recovered to the state. We are all in this together for the prosperity and welfare of the future generation.
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0 #3 kabayekka 2018-12-11 01:03
It is indeed unfortunate for such officials to make such a loss to the tax payer of Uganda.

It is very clear that this amount of money is not going to be recovered and the taxpayer is going to pick up another cost to settle better the suffering people of Bududa.

That is why it is very worrying that the children and grandchildren of the people paying tax in this country are going to be trapped in debt 30 to 50 years to come.
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