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Kidnapped boy found dead in Mukono

A 12-year-old boy who went missing on Sunday last week in Mukono has been found dead and his body dumped in a swamp.

Shafik Kimera, a P.4 pupil at Ngobere primary school disappeared last week while playing with his friends. The kidnappers then called the boy's family demanding for a ransom of Shs 2 million so as to release the boy alive.

However as the parents were still trying to raise the money, the kidnappers called the family again, this time demanding for Shs 500,000 to let the family know where Kimera's body was. The body was on Saturday found dumped in a swamp in Ngombere village, Mpungwe sub-county, Mukono district. 

Sylvia Namiro, one of the relatives said that they received a telephone call from unknown people demanding Shs 500,000 shillings to show the family where Kimera's body was dumped.

"They called the mother asking her why whether she knew the whereabouts of her boy. They demanded for Shs 2 million ransom and threatened that if she doesn't send the money, her boy would be killed. After, they asked for Shs 500,000 so they could bring boy's body closer to her. They claimed before the boy got killed, they [kidnappers] incurred some expenses of feeding and schooling him while in custody." said Namiro. 

The Kampala Metropolitan Police spokesperson Luke Oyowesigire said that three people have been arrested in connection to the murder of Kimera. They include Livingstone Kiwanuka, 19, Swaib Zinda, 40, and Abdallah Ssengendo, 26.

He says that the suspects were arrested after police tracked the telephone line on which the family had sent the Shs 500,000 mobile money. He explains that the owner of the phone led detectives to Kiwanuka who had received the money.  

According to Oyowesigire, during interrogations, the suspects managed to direct the police where they had dumped the body. An angry mob destroyed Kiwanuka's property including his house, shop and plantation.


+1 #1 Rwasubutare 2018-12-09 23:22
Only the mob can offer justice. The judiciary is like a gold mine.

Any person can buy himself out of any crime Wel So a criminal nal should be penalised where when and as the crime is proved. Weldone mob.
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0 #2 WADADA rogers 2018-12-10 17:55
Did you say that only the mob can offer justice, wait for the day you will be accused falsely and before you know it, the mob has taken judgment against you and carried out acts of brutality without establishing the truth
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0 #3 WADADA rogers 2018-12-10 18:00
That notwithstanding, there is something sinister about this case, usually, the police is cagy with information especially when they are still investigating.

there is no stupid kidnapper that uses his own phone to play such dirty games, am certain they arrested the wrong persons while the real killers are somewhere enjoying the 500,000/=. Imagine

The Kampala Metropolitan Police spokesperson Luke Oyowesigire the murderers as including Livingstone Kiwanuka, 19, Swaib Zinda, 40, and Abdallah Ssengendo, 26. Who does this, i thought this information jeopardizes investigations
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