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Man stabbed to death over Shs 1,500 bet

Police in Rukungiri is holding five suspects in connection to the death of a young man involved in a gambling brawl. 
The suspects were picked up on Wednesday afternoon shortly after 24-year-old Ronald Akandwanaho, a resident of Rwakomera cell in Kazindiro parish in Bugangari sub-county got stabbed to death.
Akandwanaho is said to have been stabbed to death by Yoram Tumwijukye a resident of the area following a dispute over Shs 1,500. 
Richard Turinawe and Paul Mugabe, both eyewitnesses say the two developed a quarrel leading to a fight after Turinawe lost a bet of Shs 1,500 to Tumwijukye but declined to hand over the money.
According to the duo, during the fight Tumwijukye drew a knife from his pocket and stabbed Turinawe in the stomach killing him instantly. Moses Nanoka, the Rukungiri district police commander says Tumwijukye fled the scene and is still at large.


0 #1 Lakwena 2018-12-07 10:45
In other other words, surplus poverty, hysteria and mortal violence are bed fellows.
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