Museveni gives Kampala NRM youth Shs 2.5bn

State House comptroller Lucy Nakyobe addressing the NRM youth

State House comptroller Lucy Nakyobe addressing the NRM youth

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has pledged Shs 2.5 billion to the NRM youth in Kampala.   

The pledge was made by State House comptroller, Lucy Nakyobe who met Kampala NRM youth at Biyem hotel in Mengo on Wednesday.

The meeting came on the heels of Museveni's Kampala tour last month. The NRM youth complained that they had been sidelined during the tour when Museveni dished out billions to city traders.  

The youth presented a washing bay project costing Shs 796 million. These washing bays which they said are already operational in five Kampala divisions are in dire state and require modern washing machines and water pumps. 

Sarah Natukunda, one of the youth leaders who presented the project proposal said the project is meant to uplift Kampala youth from poverty. When Nakyobe stood up to address the youth, she said their request of washing bay machines and water pumps will be fulfilled. On behalf of the president, she said, a budget for each division will be increased to Shs 500 million with money for washing bays inclusive.  

Nakyobe told NRM youth that they had not been abandoned, arguing that plans were in advanced stages to meet them. She pledged a closer working relationship. President Museveni's vision, she said is to support all Ugandans youth not just NRM supporters.   

The youth requested to meet Museveni. Nakyobe said that will happen very soon once they are ready to receive him in large numbers.  

During the event, Nakyobe launched a yellow overall with yellow beret that the youth unveiled as uniform for NRM supporters in Kampala. The overall is a counter to the opposition red People Power overall.

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