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Police opens probe into misuse of Akii- Bua stadium funds

Pavilion stand at the construction site

Pavilion stand at the construction site

The Criminal Investigations Department (CID) has started investigations into the reported misuse of funds meant for the construction of Akii- Bua memorial stadium.

A team of senior police detectives from the CID headquarters are in Lira district to investigate the alleged misuse of funds. Grace Akullo, the CID director said the officers are to probe possible fraud and financial mismanagement by the district officials. 

The detectives arrived in Lira town on Tuesday afternoon and held a meeting with the Lira district LCV chairperson, Alex Oremo. While in Lira town, the investigators are expected to visit the construction site of the Akii Bua stadium at Erute village and interact with selected members of the public. 

It is expected that the chief administrative officer Lira Mark Tivu and the district Eng Hudson Omoko shall be required to record statements regarding the alleged misuse of the funds.

Trouble for Lira district officials stemmed from a petition by two members of parliament from Lango, Denis Hamson Obua (Ajuri) and Tony Ayoo (Kwania) who petitioned President Museveni demanding for a forensic audit to establish value for money.

Since 2013, Lira district received Shs 665 million from the ministry of Education and Sports to facilitate the construction of the stadium.

Tivu says that the money was used to fund preliminary work including bush clearing, opening access roads, draining swampy areas, planting of trees, building temporary pavilion and a VIP three stance pit latrine.

In 2008, Museveni pledged to build modern sports facility in Lira town in memory of late John Akii Bua who won Uganda the first gold medal in 1978 during the Olympic competition held in Munich, Germany.


+1 #1 rubangakene 2018-11-07 22:55
Do it the Magufuli way; lock up everyone who is responsible for such shame when the investigation is going on; It might make them see sense!

I am shocked, deeply shocked like every Ugandan that this practice has been going on for so long.

Imagine constructing a pit latrine in such a facility in this day and age. Stadia are essential to inspire young and old people to take up sporting activities and nurture good health and body constitution alleviating the need for unnecessary trips to hospitals.

Mind you the case will drag on and on for ages, costing the taxpayer more than what it would have cost to build another stadium. Some one should wield the axe now to show Uganda means business!
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+1 #2 linika 2018-11-08 10:11
The officials are letting the government and sport fraternity down. with all that money, they had capacity to construct a meaningful stadium with multiple services to locals and clubs in that area. hopefully efforts are made to retrieve the money and better work is done.
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+1 #3 Japman 2018-11-08 11:50
For once, let somebody pay dearly for this open theft with impunity of public resources.
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+1 #4 Zzungulu 2018-11-08 11:51
..but the investigators will be compromised and the investigators of the investigators will do the same and the endless circle continues....until..
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0 #5 WADADA rogers 2018-11-09 08:45
It is another opportunity to eat money, may be the perpetrators will never be brought to book
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