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Former MP Kipoi missing from Luzira prison

Former MP Kipoi (R) is missing from Luzira prison

Former MP Kipoi (R) is missing from Luzira prison

Former Bubulo West member of parliament Tonny Nsubuga Kipoi has gone missing from Luzira prison.
According to Kipoi's lawyer, Rtd Maj Ronald Iduli, his client was reportedly picked from Luzira prison on Wednesday this week by Military Police claiming that he is to be produced in the High court Civil Division as per the orders of Justice Musa Sekaana.
On October 10, Justice Sekaana ordered government to produce Kipoi in court on October 17 as his court pronounces itself on an application where Kipoi wanted to block his trial in the military court saying that it's illegal since he is a civilian.  

Kipoi is charged in the General Court Martial with six UPDF soldiers for offences related to security. The other suspects are; RA 129817 SGT Okeng, RA 140400 L/CPL Rogers Mweru, RA 13014 SGT Yunus Lemertga, RA 2077006 PTE Ifosiga Saidi Dodla, RA 196740 L/CPL Cassim Adams Mawa, RA 37791 CPL James Shimali and RA 37702 CPL Yusuf Kiisa.

Prosecution alleges that between 2011 and 2012 in diverse places in Uganda specifically in Kampala, Mpigi, Luwero Entebbe, Fort Portal, Mbale Masaka and Nakasongola, the accused contrived a plot to overthrow President Yoweri Museveni's government. 

However, as the High court dismissed his application on Wednesday, Kipoi was nowhere to be seen, neither did Geoffrey Atwiine, a representative of the attorney general explain to court why the applicant was not produced in court.

Maj Iduli has said that he attempted to visit Luzira prison looking for Kipoi but was denied access on grounds that his client was never returned ever since he got picked by Military Police. Iduli has now said that, he, and Kipoi's family; including relatives are now worried since they do not know where their beloved one is. 

"On 17th October 2018 when Hon Kipoi was supposed to be brought to Civil Division High court for his application, the Military Police went to Luzira Upper prison on the pretext that they are taking him to court. He never reached court but he was never taken back to Luzira. I have talked to his family who also informed me that indeed that they have gone to Luzira and they did not find him. Right now nobody knows where he is." said Maj Iduli. 

Frank Baine, the Uganda Prison Services spokesperson on Saturday confirmed to that Kipoi was picked from Luzira prison by the Military Police.

"Kipoi was picked by soldiers from Military Police who presented to us a production warrant from the General Court Martial. You know the court has discretion on where he can be remanded since it is the one trying him... He was taken back to Makindye [military barracks] but was not returned to Luzira," said Baine. 

Maj John Bizimana, the registrar of the General Court Martial said he does not know the latest development.

"For us we remanded Kipoi to Luzira prison a few months ago, and we know that he is in Luzira. May be if he was remanded somewhere else by another court but not on orders of the General Court Martial," said Bizimana. 

The Uganda People's Defense Forces deputy spokesperson Lt Col Deo Akiiki could not be reached on phone to explain further Kipoi's whereabouts.


+2 #1 kabayekka 2018-10-21 09:19
It is exasperating that it took President Museveni of Uganda 6 years for the government of President Obote II and 8 years for the government of President Amin to try and look for him and arrest him for treason.

That was a lot of money spent. He was never found. It is sad that these days President Museveni picks his political opponents with ease and remands them in government prisons as long as he feels like.
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-1 #2 Wainanchi 2018-10-21 09:43
We pray justice is served on those muyaye! Traitors and scumbags!!!I pray Gwok, Akot ,Kabbakayekka and other filthy scumbags are caught and out behind the bars for plotting against NRM government Fingers crossed Myaye where are you?

Where are you to answer to call to remove Museveni? Hooaaa..where are you???
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-1 #3 Jama 2018-10-21 16:08
This the significance of the near end of any tyrant and brutal regime.

Ignore the end but it will come whether you like it or not.lt may occur pacifically or in any other form.

Uganda is not a family or triable property.Bon attendu ,salute.
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-1 #4 jose 2018-10-22 07:52
stop crying,
we told you obote was a better leader you didnt believe

ts good you can compare

the french didnt forget anything, but they learn anytghing
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0 #5 Lakwena 2018-10-23 07:43
In all dictatorships and tyranny, it is a normal practice for people to disappear.

In other words, where is Yusuf Kawooya? In the 21st Century in Uganda we still have savages for leaders.

I will repeat myself till death: because they accessed our State House on the same day, 25th January; thru bloodshed, Dictator Amin and Dictator M7 are under the Demonic influence: to destroy Uganda.

Dictatorship is cruel, foul, inhuman and shameless.

E.g. recently, the Saudi Consulate in Turkey became a slaughter house, where a prominent journalist, Jamal Khashoggi was slaughtered.
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0 #6 Eric Jumaa 2018-10-23 13:32

Really! Do you ever see yourself in front of that screen as you type your responses. That same screen will condemn you when your NRM topsides.

See you!
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