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300 Mak students irregularly awarded marks

Makerere University academic registrar's office has raised a red flag over the alleged irregular awarding of marks to 299 students of Bachelor of Ethics and Human Rights. 

In his October 8 letter to the first deputy vice chancellor Dr Okello Ogwang, the academic registrar, Alfred Masikye Namoah notes that there was generally poor performance of students in the course EHR 3102 Critical Thinking, a course unit under Bachelor of Ethics and Human Rights for semester one in the 2017/18 academic year. 

Masikye explains that only 159 out of the 325 students offering the course passed the paper, 155 failed, while some missed the paper for undisclosed reasons. Masikye however notes that 206 students were added 10 marks each, 44 added between 6-9 marks, 30 added between 1-5 marks, 18 students added between 11 and 15 marks while four students didn't receive any additional marks.

He notes that the highest increment of marks was 28 awarded to a student registration number 14/U/7602/PS while one student registration number 15/U/21417 had their marks reduced by six. Masikye contends that circumstances under, which the marks increment was done are unclear and wants the university to investigate.

"The minutes of the department of philosophy where the students' marks were considered were not availed," Masikye said. Adding that; "Based on this, it can be concluded that there was no systematic increment in the marks to students. The marks were allegedly arbitrarily awarded by the former head of department."

Masikye now wants the examination results to be discussed at the department level and be presented to the school board.  Last week, Makerere fired four staff members for forging marks and smuggling unqualified students unto the 2017 graduation list. 

They included among others Dr Isaac Okullo, the deputy principal of the college of Health Sciences, Dr Rose Chalo Nabirye the dean of the School of Health Sciences, Fatuma Nakatudde the deputy college registrar and Paul Apunyo, a senior administrative assistant.

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