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Magyezi refutes social media poisoning reports

Raphael Magyezi

Raphael Magyezi

Igara West MP Raphael Magyezi has refuted reports that he was poisoned.

Social media platforms were on Saturday awash with reports that the MP, who last year moved an amendment to the Constitution to lift the presidential age limits had been poisoned and hospitalized. In a telephone interview with URN, MP Magyezi confirmed the he was in good health condemning the false reports about his life.

"It is all untrue, they are just lies. I am fine, I have no problem. There is no poison. I have talked to police and Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) and they are trying to find out who started this, am sure they will be arrested," said Magyezi in part.

He described the false messages as acts of criminality and a misuse of social media freedom. Earlier on in a brief statement parliament's principal information and education officer, Moses Bwalatum, urged the public to ignore what they described as 'false', social media reports indicating that MP Magyezi is unwell.

"Today [Saturday] being visitation day, he spent it at Mary Hill high school in Mbarara where his daughter studies. He's now back at home to his family," reads a brief message sent by Bwalatum on Saturday night.
Magyezi cited another Facebook message reportedly on Lands state minister Persis Namuganza page announcing his death. Magyezi says that the message indicates that some criminals have hacked into different social media pages with an aim of causing chaos and anxiety in the public.

Magyezi, became popular late last year when he sponsored the private member's bill that was passed to remove the presidential age limit. The amendment was later this year upheld by the Constitutional court ruling that approved parliament's passing of the Constitutional (Amendment) No.2 Act of 2017. 

Magyezi's bill was seconded by Kyaka South MP Jackson Kafuuzi, Jinja West MP Moses Balyeku and Amolatar Woman MP Doreen Amule.

Since his involvement in the 'age limit bill', Magyezi has on several occasions spoken out about threats on his life. In an earlier interview with URN after the Constitutional court ruling, the MP said that he still receives threatening messages on his phone. He, however, said that the court's decision to uphold his bill had taught him to continue standing firm by what he believes in.

Magyezi says that some of the people who sent him threatening messages had since apologized while police is still carrying out investigations into different international telephone numbers sending him threats.


0 #11 naboma 2018-10-15 12:53
Quoting Mugisha Smith:
But Rogers Mulindwa NRM spokesman kind of confirmed the poisoning on NBS Eagle programme today.

My brother mugisha no smoke without fire-indeed all this confirms that magyezi and the crying ilk, kamya, semeo nsubuga, anite, anywar and the other idiots are not safe and are actually panicking!

and one of these days another one of them just like abiriga did will meet their fate and we shall move on-that is the absurdity of life that we look at short term gain and risk our lives. I do not even know how their children feel about all this stupidity and folly!!
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+2 #12 Jama 2018-10-15 18:32
Your paradoxical age limit project is the worst poison you injected in Ugandan politics.

You ruined the dream of an entire nation towards a free and democratic society.So if the poisonous is poisoned only a few will regret. Just as Christians consider,Iscariot the same way Ugandans regard you

You're greedy and irresponsible decision to claim responsibility for the age limit adventure, has inflicted a curse which will haunt your family for generation.
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0 #13 Charles Kintu 2018-10-15 21:35
"Magezi became popular"! Really? Did he became popular or hated?

What are you talking about Observer Editors
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0 #14 kabayekka 2018-10-16 02:14
What can one expect of this Honourable Member of Parliament who is a determined fighter that fights left, right and center for what he believes in whatever the outcome of his battles.
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0 #15 Joel 2018-10-16 07:34
Eshi mwiruwe okatuneista! You need polonium.
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0 #16 Blake Alex 2018-10-16 11:13
I wonder if Observer editors know what the word 'Popular' means.... they should consider going back to school and learn English as a subject probably again. this is total sh*t.
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0 #17 Lakwena 2018-10-16 15:17
In the state of nature, the life of a treacherous man is solitary, in perpetual fear and the danger of death by random violence and other means.

Magyezi is still alive because nobody wants to kill him. Otherwise, he would already be dead and buried.

In other words, the same petrifying fear under which Hon Magyezi lives; is the same for the Age-limit beneficiary

Kepis. For the love of money and power: what a hellish life on earth people put themselves into!
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