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40% teachers guilty of late-coming – report

Forty percent of teachers across the country arrive late in class, a report by the Uganda Teachers and School Effectiveness Project (UTSEP) has revealed.

Speaking shortly after releasing the report at the Civil Service College in Jinja district on Monday, Ambrose Luyoka, the coordinator of UTSEP, said government loses Shs 16 billion to teachers who are not performing their classroom duties effectively.

The report also indicates that teachers only spend 30 percent of their time on school tasks irrespective of the infrastructure in most government schools.

“During our research, we discovered that 20 per cent of the teachers are physically present in schools but they fail to attend to classroom needs and in a lesson of 40 minutes, a teacher arrives 20 minutes past time, interacts with pupils for 10 minutes and rushes out of the class,” Luyoka said.

According to Luyoka, the education ministry needs to recruit at least 10 inspectors of schools in each district. There are three inspectors of schools in each district today; a number Luyoka says is inadequate.

The report was compiled from a survey conducted in 38 districts between July 2017 and July 2018. The researchers conducted impromptu visits to schools where they interviewed pupils, teachers, parents and inspectors.

UTSEP is a $100 million project funded by the Global Partnership for Education.

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