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UPE: parents pretending to be poor - Museveni

President Yoweri Museveni has called for a review of government's free education programme in both primary and secondary schools.  
Museveni said he is still confused on which side to take as some people are suggesting that parents can afford contributing something towards the education of their children. Others however claim that parents are too poor to afford paying schools fees for their children. 
He tasked the National Youth Council to enquire from village council leaders on whether Universal Primary Education (UPE) and Universal Secondary Education (USE) should be reviewed to allow monitory contributions from parents.
Museveni disclosed this while presiding over the International Youth Day celebrations at Kampiringisa Rehabilitation Centre playgrounds in Mpigi district yesterday under the theme "Safe Spaces for Youths".
President Museveni has called for a review of government's free education policy
Museveni explained that government spends huge sums on UPE and USE yet many government schools charge parents, which calls for a policy review.
"When I try to ask some people they ask parents are capable of paying but just pretend. So the question then is, are parents capable of paying or are just pretending. We need an answer of all the villages. They should tell us because if they are too lazy to pay that means they can afford but are pretending. But if they can’t afford and we force them that means children will not go to school. So I need advice from you because you’re the people in the villages. You’re the one to tell me that this is the way to go. I challenged you the youth." he said. 

Many schools, especially those in urban areas resolved to levy an optional Shs 10,000 for lunch and Shs 10,400 for utility bills like water and electricity. 

Museveni says he has failed to understand how the matter should be handled and therefore called from resolutions from village council leaders whom he believes are much aware of the status of people in their villages.

"I told you to go back to the villages and ask the LC1s whether we should allow school charges to come back or we should stop them…Can the families afford to pay the school charges or can they not afford? Because now am being tossed around. We spend so much money on UPE, so much money on USE yet government schools are charging and you find children are out of school. I need a resolution from LC1s to tell me what to do." said Museveni. 
He says government will take a decision after hearing from the local leaders. Government rolled out UPE in 1997 and abolished all kinds of fees. Primary school enrolment increased from 3.1 million pupils in 1996 to 7.6 million in 2003 following the introduction of UPE.
Government introduced Universal Secondary Education ten years later to enable eligible primary school graduates enrol in secondary and vocational training institutions.
While government promised to pay the fees, parents were expected to provide scholastic materials and midday meals for the learners. However many parents especially in rural areas do not to provide meals to their children, saying they are too poor.  
Recent reviews by civil society organisations have found UPE and USE schools struggling to meet costs of operation as government funds are most of the times delayed, swindled or a times not released altogether.
The quality of education in the UPE and USE has also come under scrutiny after government ordered for automatic promotion of all students. 


0 #21 Akot 2018-08-13 21:09
...Ugandans MUST UNITE & throw Musevni out then go for the kind of governance they want or they will NEVER be part of today world, yet the country will continue to be looted dry by Museveni-IMF-World Bank, who all turn blind eyes-deaf ears to Ugandans miseries!

From outside Uganda, we know World Bank-IMF-EU-UN nod know Uganda is tribalistically ruled, but this does not bother them as they get their share of the loot!

UN-EU even find it decent to resettle tribalists refugees at armed wars in peaceful tribalistically divided ruled Uganda!

How evil, how inhuman, how hypocrite!!!

Of course as long as Museveni is there World Bank-IMF-EU-UN get their share/resettle refugees in Uganda, unconcerned Ugandans get at one another instead of UNITING to say NO to destruction of their country by Museveni helped by international community!
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0 #22 Akot 2018-08-13 21:23
Well it's clear with picture above, Ugandan children want to look like Museveni; they rase their heads to be hairless/bold to resemble the god without whom, Uganda will be no more!

Yet as Museveni is the only one to have a say as to what to be done in Uganda, even IFM-World Bank-EU-UN must wonder WHY he still have tribal leaders in posts when he does not need them any more?

But of course, as it's Ugandans keeping Museveni in power through the tribalistic system even when they live so poor/oppressed, there is nothing IMF-World Bank-EU-UN can do but just go along too & get their share of the loot & help the demon destroy Uganda for good!
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0 #23 rubangakene 2018-08-13 21:55
Why is he still putting on that uniform? The man is as confused now as the go; Jomo Kenyatta, Mugabe et al.

I thought he knew everything that goes on in Uganda and look who is asking the questions now; back to square LC1!

Why doesn't he ask the person who runs the "education docket" for advise before ridiculing himself in public.

When you study the picture of the audience carefully everyone is just sitting there 'clueless', and what does that tell you? "TUMECHOKWAA"
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-1 #24 gwok 2018-08-13 22:08
Quoting Akot:
gwok, understood, but,

If Museveni QUITS, who will take his place & with what alternative socioeconomc programme? etc ......

Dear Akot, (a) Please do not worry about M7's replacement, for there are enough brilliant Ugandans who can rule Uganda after M7 quits (by whatever form it will take).

(b) Please do not rule out the role of tribes in determining our future. Uganda is basically under tribal rule at the moment, just as was also the case since independence.

I see no departure from that trend in the future. (c)The current crop of tribal rulers have yet to prove themselves or quit with M7.

(d) Uganda is a failed state anyway and as such we cannot be sure of its continuation into a distant future.

That prospect does not worry me and should not worry you as well. In fact the faster we arrive there the better for everybody concerned.
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+1 #25 Lakwena 2018-08-14 09:25
For Mr. M7 UShs.10,000 per child, per year, is a huge sum of money.

Could Shs.10,000 educate Afande Muhoozi when was going primary school in Kampala Parents then?

In other words, UPE is Mr. M7's sabotage to damn Ugandan children into servitude and for exploitation of the few rich. If it is not sabotage First Class; let anybody tell me it is otherwise.
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0 #26 kabayekka 2018-08-14 13:31
One wishes these kids tell this VIP to vacate his job so that others can try to take over his job without violence.

These kids must have seen many teachers and headmasters that come and serve them and go willingly in their schools.
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