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Businessman released after paying $7,500 ransom

A businessman from Nakasongola district has regained his freedom from kidnappers after his family reportedly paid $7,500 (about Shs 27.6m) ransom.

Robert Mugabe, a resident of Busoni village in Kituba parish, Nakasongola district was traveling with three other business people on August 3 when he was kidnapped.
Mugabe was travelling with Patrick Bukora, a businessman from Migyera in Nakasongora district, Julius Saturday from Busia in eastern Uganda and Sauda Nassolo, a businesswoman from Kiyola, Nakasongola district.
Gunmen dressed in suspected Congolese military uniform waylaid their victims who were travelling in a truck reg. no. UAB 196J near the Southern Gate Army Barracks in Kanungu district. They were transporting fish from Kasese to Ishasha in Kanungu district. 
The kidnappers had demanded for $20,000 but his family negotiated for a reduction of up to $7,500
The gunmen who emerged from Queen Elizabeth national park reportedly started shooting randomly and injured three of their victims. They kidnapped Mugabe and later contacted his family later using his mobile phone number demanding for a ransom of $20,000 (about Shs 73m) for his release. 
Kigezi region police spokesperson Ely Maate says Mugabe's family negotiated with the kidnappers to reduce the ransom money from $20,000 to $7,500. He says Mugabe's family sent the money prompting his kidnappers to escort him to Ishasha border in the wee hours of Tuesday morning where they set him free.
"We thank God that this Mugabe Robert who was kidnapped on August 3rd and his three colleagues were shot at and injured has come out alive. But this was after his relatives and friends deposited $7500 on the [mobile money] account." said Maate. 

He added that the kidnappers destroyed Mugabe's mobile phone after withdrawing the money. Maate says Mugabe is now at Kihihi police station helping police to trace the gunmen. He says the other victims who were admitted at Kihihi health centre IV in Kanungu district are responding to treatment. 

Mugabe's kidnap for ransom will reignite the fear that gripped the nation when in February this year,Susan Magara, daughter of wealthy businessman John Magara was kidnapped from Lugunjja in Kampala. The kidnappers contacted her family and demanded for $1 million ransom (about Shs 3.5 billion).

While the family reportedly sent the kidnappers Shs 700 million, Magara was nevertheless killed and her body dumped along the Southern bypass road in Kigo, Wakiso district. Magara's murder suspects are still on trial. 


0 #1 kabayekka 2018-08-10 11:31
The war in Uganda now is about economic seĺf preservation and not stealing votes as it was in Luwero 32 years ago!
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0 #2 TengTenga 2018-08-10 17:45
Quoting kabayekka:
The war in Uganda now is about economic seĺf preservation and not stealing votes as it was in Luwero 32 years ago!

Call it the war between the haves and have-Not!
Very complicated one indeed!
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