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Museveni orders refund of mobile money 'error' tax

President Yoweri Museveni has said Ugandans who paid 1% percent mobile money tax should be refunded.
In a statement issued on Facebook, Museveni insists that the 1 per cent tax which he ordered to be reduced to 0.5 percent last week was passed in error and he signed the bill knowing it had an error.

The mobile money tax and social media tax which triggered massive outcry were effected at the start of 2018/19 financial year.
"I signed the law with the error because we could not delay the other measures. However, parliament, when it reconvenes, will be requested to correct it. The ones whose deductions had been made on the basis of 1% should have their money reimbursed," said Museveni. 

Museveni (in yellow shirt) said MPs passed the 1% mobile money tax in error

Apart from salary earners and those who use banks, Museveni said the earnings of many other Ugandans are not known. He revealed that each day, $52 million moves around in the form of mobile money that translates into $19 billion a year.
"Mobile money tax is a different category from the social-media tax. Mobile money transfer is not a luxury. It is, in fact, a necessity and a very convenient way of sending money," he said.
Museveni said government will continue listening and reflecting on questions such as; should government only deduct tax from the sender or also from the receiver? And is mobile money tax affordable?
He said there are some corrupt government officials who have been aiding multinational telecommunication companies to evade tax.

"They have been hiding the movement of money in and out of the country, the coming in and going of telephone calls, the misuse of social media for subversion and malice," he said.

"All these dishonest people tried to misinform the public in order to incite them against the efforts by the government to achieve financial independence from their foreign masters," he revealed.
These, telecommunication companies, Museveni said have been stealing taxes that hasn't been collected by Uganda Revenue Authority.

"Some of the thieves steal our money that we have already collected. Others steal the money we have not collected in the form of concealing tax sources, under-declaring telephone calls, under-declaring rents collected from buildings, under-declaring the value of import," Museveni argued.
With Uganda's current GDP of Shs 103 trillion, Museveni argued that the country would attain budget independence and self- sufficiency if all the legitimate taxes were collected.
Social media tax
Museveni is, however, relentless and uncompromising on social media tax. He described social media as a luxury that has generated billion of revenue for foreign companies.
"Using internet to access social media for chatting, recreation, malice, subversion, inciting murder, is definitely a luxury," Museveni argued.
He added; "As I said in my earlier message, it is, moreover, a luxury that is costly to the country's economy apart from the shillings the users keep spending to use the internet to access the social media (Facebook). The foreign telephone companies accumulate a lot of local shillings from the social media merry- makers or malice promoters; they, then, go to the forex bureaus and buy the dollars."

Museveni also said Ugandans who are questioning where and what the numerous pay are and do are blind to the numerous hospital facilities, according to him the successful free Universal Primary Education (UPE) and Universal Secondary Education (USE) high enrolment, infrastructure developments such as roads, power dams etc.

Besides, he said even paying back loans that some Ugandans claim are the source of funds for Uganda's infrastructure, government pays back using collected taxes. 


0 #11 Odongkara 2018-07-13 17:14
Quoting KEMIGISA Margaret:
Surely when someone sends mm the user /receiver of the money pays taxes on the services or goods they spend that money on.

Imagine sending someone money to pay for a medical bill and then it is taxed. Does that make sense. We already spend money jus to send and receive, the companies should remit a fraction of that for taxes because to them it is earning.

Treat mm transactions are banked money, you only tax it after it earns interest, and it's the interest that is taxed. There is no need to play on minds of people by dodging the principles .

This mm tax has made me ask God why this country has the kind of leaders we have, deaf to listed to simple logic. God is watching.

Day light robbery but the days of reckoning are
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0 #12 Akot 2018-07-14 15:52

When did God bring/swear Museveni in power in Uganda & did Ugandans ask Him to do so?

If Acholi is still now wanted by the other tribes that UNITED to bring Musevni in, then they should say so & Acholi just forms independent tribal state!

But all the other tribes that UNITED & made Acholi stand down without firing at them, MUST REUNITE against the man they UNITED to bring in!

Did the world go against those who United to bring in Museveni? NO!

But, when Museveni started killing/destroying Acholi, UK-UN came in quietly to help Acholi making sure they didn't disturb the peace the other tribes were living under Museveni!

Why are you asking God to throw Museveni out when Ugandans still need/want him to keep them tribally divided in the tribalistic system they hold on to so tight to ensure Museveni just goes on?
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0 #13 Akot 2018-07-14 16:08

You should know; if it was any Ugandan from any tribal land in power since 1986, he would have been in trouble all along!

Having no tribal land with no tribes behind gives Museveni IMUNITY & he will be there until he drops dead!

Who are running justice/police...arresting/locking up those who oppose Museveni?

Who are mps locked in parliament/court with age limit that will ensure Museveni is there for ever?

Who are tribal leaders helping maintain the divisive tribalistic system keeping Ugandans apart, thus powerless?

Who is providing tax money this is personal income of Museveni?

Who will vote Musevni/mps again?

It's not God, but Ugandans who still need Musevnei & when they won't need him any more, they will UNITE, come out in FULL to block him to force him to leave, then army/police will have to decide to go with Museveni or join Ugandans!
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0 #14 Akot 2018-07-14 16:15
Quoting kabayekka:
One reckons for the Uganda bureaucracy to refund that money, it will cost an arm and a leg.

That means this government to refund 100 million shillings tax rebate, it will cost it 30 million shillings of tax-payer's money.


The country & tax money belong to Ugandans; yet Museveni believes & is making Ugandans believe he is being kind to them & should be thanked!

Truth is, all turns round & round & goes back to Musevni while Ugandans lose, get more confused & don't see they are no longer at home in thier own country!
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0 #15 Akot 2018-07-14 16:20
Quoting gwok:
These telling headlines: " .... Parliament cannot reverse mobile-money tax (Kadaga said) ..... and ".... Museveni orders refund of mobile money 'error' tax ...." are rather telling, an't they.

We are now being ruled by DECREES [aren't we?] and parliament has surrendered it mandate to the president [has'n't it?]. Let us just start numbering those decrees for future references.


Can you imagine what & how Museveni will treat Ugandans when he will finally conclude conquest of the country?

Musevnei does not need court nor parliament except to blind the world & Ugandans as to his intentions!

And it's Ugandans doing the dirty job of handing over their authority-country to the demon!
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0 #16 Akot 2018-07-14 16:25
Quoting juwait kali:
Museveni this museveni that everyone else is dead in, Uganda?

Otherwise where was all the poor people affected the other day when bobi wine hit the streets to help them?? Only a handful turned up.


Just as Ugandans left Dr Besigye to fight a lonely battle he could NEVER win when he was trying to render null & void last fake election!

Now it's mps-court helping conclude conquest of Uganda for Museveni & openly, while Ugandans are busy providing tax money for the demon in peace & without opposition!

How will Musevni not finaly own Uganda?
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0 #17 Akot 2018-07-14 16:30
Prince Nelson, thanks!

Change is the only option left for Ugandans & they MUST hurry because when Museveni dissolves posts of tribal leaders & Reforms the Republic without Ugandans having a say & this will give him legitimacy to lock up any Ugandan who will defy him!

The entire system works for Museveni & him alone & only change through our UNITY will stop the demon owning our country!

Ugandans MUST stop playing with their children's heritage!
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0 #18 Akot 2018-07-14 16:39
WADADA rogers, agreed!

The older Musevni gets, the more he will be cruel to Ugandans!

Just as the older D. Trump gets, the more he will want to fulfill his promise to Americans made at campaign!

Europeans/British MUST leave D. Trump to work for Americans & do normal business with USA, instead of fighting decisions/actions he takes to make America great again!

And Ugandans MUST UNITE & come out in FULL to block Museveni to force him out, then put in place the kind of governance they want, knowing tribalism will not give them acces to the outside world!

Ugandans MUST act NOW before Museveni makes the final decision as to what kind of country he wants for us!
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0 #19 Akot 2018-07-14 16:48
Polyxania Tumuhimbis, understood, yet,

What's insane really is "why Ugandans let Musevnei just go on when all they have to do is accept just 1 of their own to lead them against the monster & tribal leaders standing down!

It's time to ask: where are opposition leaders who made it so easy for Museveni to rig last election by helping him further divide Ugandans?

UNITY with just 1 opposition leader is what Uganda needs & Museveni will be blocked & forced out & army/police will have to chose - go with Museveni to his tribal land or be with Ugandans & Mseveni will have no army/police to teargas-shoot Ugandans!
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0 #20 Akot 2018-07-14 16:57
Quoting kelem:
Rotten from the head indeed


So, why are Ugandans keeping the rot in power through the tribalistic system that serves only him while providing tax money to the rot in peace?

How can Ugandans not see their UNITY will throw Musevni out & they will do as they want after, as no one/no tribe/no region is fighting another - Ugandans will even be able to just ignore one another in peace after Musevnei is thrown out in UNITY!

Even tribal leaders will go back to being leaders of their subjects, if they want to, after Museveni is thrown out in UNITY!

Is it too much a price for Ugandans to pay for their FREEDOM?
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