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Fire destroys Greenhill Academy boys' dormitory

A fire has gutted a students dormitory at Greenhill Academy, Kibuli destroying all property. The fire is reported to have started at 1am today morning, emitting a dark smoke that alerted the security guards attached to the school's boarding section. 

The room had 36 students at the time of the tragedy. They were all rescued without major injuries and shifted to the dining hall for the rest of the morning.

"We were alerted by the smoke and noise from students who needed help," one of the security officers told URN. He added that the fire had destroyed all mattresses, beds, books and clothing in the dormitory.

Entrance to the boarding section with notice prohibiting people from entering
According to the guard, the fire extinguishers on the building were all used up, before a police fire fighting truck came in to reinforce the rescue and fire fighting efforts. However, the first truck ran out of water before the fire could be contained. The fire was eventually put out at about 1:40a.m. by the second fire truck.

A message by the school management to parents this morning confirmed the incident.

"Dear parents, this is to inform you that we had a fire in one of our S.1 boys' boarding room on the 11th of July 2018. The fire brigade acted swiftly and the fire was contained in time. There were no casualties; we assure you that all students are safe." the message reads.

However, it adds, the cause of the fire is yet to be established. Other eyewitnesses said that a few girls who sleep near the affected dormitory fainted after inhaling smoke and were admitted to the school sick bay. They added that the girls in the next dormitory could not also spend the night inside due to the strong heat and smoke. They were equally shifted to the dining hall.

URN learnt that the affected boys have been provided with new school uniforms and other essential needs to enable them to attend classes today. The school's top administration is locked up in a meeting at the boarding section to forge a way forward. Nobody is allowed to access the premises.

"The boarding facility is out of bounds to authorized persons. Thank you." reads the notice at the gate of the boarding section. A number of parents have been trickling in since morning to inquire after their children.

Attempts to speak to the school's rector Joy Maraka proved futile after the assistant administrator Francis Kateregga told this reporter on phone that she was in a meeting.

"Thank you for showing interest in the matter. The authorized person to speak to you is in a meeting that will take two to three hours. Please get her land-line number at the reception and call later." said Kateregga before hanging up.

The school has lately been in the news for wrong reasons over bullying, with one parent taking to social media to accuse the school of failing to stamp out the vice. 


0 #1 Lakwena 2018-07-12 10:21
Since the Buddo Junior Inferno (15th April 2008), I am categorically opposed to "boarding school" for all children (below 18).

In other words, except orphanage and/or special needs; in my opinion and under normal circumstances, boarding schools traumatizes and dehumanizes children.

I can only imagine, the blaze, darkness, no mam and dad (parents), the terror and the trauma these average, 12 years are going thru.

Otherwise,only parents who do not love their children, dump them (children) "into" boarding schools, in the hands of total strangers..

In other words, the Genesis and history of "Boarding School" is broken or dysfunctional families/homes (promiscuity, alcohol, drug domestic violence etc.) war and pestilence like HIV/Aids that produce orphans.

Out of humanitarian concern,it was the church in Europe, which started orphanages, from whence the State began to take responsibility.
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0 #2 Lakwena 2018-07-12 10:30
In other words, except orphanages; in the 21st Century, there should be no more boarding schools for normal children with parents alive.

The misfortune of our education system is because, we have an absentee state/regime, where leaders only fight for themselves and personal belief.

Hence the Ministry of Education has been reduced to issuing licenses to every Tom, Dick, Harry and Worry Hurry, who want start a school anywhere anytime.
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