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Metropolitan forex bureau employees 'steal' $500,000

Jinja road police is holding Joy Katuutu Katenta, an employee of Metropolitan forex bureau for alleged theft of $500,000 (about Shs 1.8 billion). Katenta was picked up on Friday last week following a complaint by Ali Molib, the general manager of the bureau.

In his statement at Kampala central police station, Molib explains that on July 5, Katenta went to withdraw $500,000 from Eco bank on Jinja road. 

"The money was safely withdrawn and loaded onto the CITI bullion van and taken to Bank of Africa escorted by Katenta. We usually put two employees at the bank and on that day we had put there another lady (name withheld by police for her security) to wait for Katenta," Molib Ali told detectives at CPS.
However, the suspect reportedly asked the unidentified lady to leave her post and instead drop some cheques at DTB bank. She was then replaced by another employee identified as Lillian Nanyanzi who was meant to drop the cheques to DTB.

According to Molib, they waited for Katenta to return in vain. "We got worried when Katenta disappeared and switched off her phone together with Nanyanzi."

CITI presented records showing that Katenta signed for the money when the bullion van arrived at the bank and entered with it in the banking hall at Bank of Africa together with Nanyanzi.

CCTV footage retrieved from Bank of Africa shows that instead of depositing the money, Katenta and Nanyanzi entered the toilets where they are believed to have shared the lot and moved out of the bank.
Katenta later filed a case at Kampala central police station claiming that she had been mugged and all the money taken by thugs as she entered the bank. She was picked up a day later after Metropolitan forex bureau filed a case of theft against her and Nanyanzi.

Police spokesperson in charge Criminal Investigations Directorate (CID), Vincent Ssekate, says they have launched a manhunt for Nanyanzi who is still on the run. "We have been able to arrest Joy Katenta but Lillian Nanyazi is still on the run and wanted," Ssekate said.


+3 #1 Odongkara 2018-07-10 16:41
Enjoy your false wealth for a few hours and you will become a Luzira permanent resident.
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+2 #2 Empayippayi 2018-07-10 16:56
Lillian could well be on her way to start a "new life" abroad! The first policeman to catch her cannot afford not to let her go.
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+2 #3 Fuller 2018-07-10 18:33
Was the money insured?

I see holes in story by the general manager.

Who knows if the dollars went three ways (even four ways)!
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0 #4 Counsel LUKE 2018-07-10 18:34
Its is simply suspected that the theft has taken place and by that suspect; all those are just allegations that require a proof beyond reasonable doubt, and proving beyond doubt does not mean proving beyond the shadow of doubt; she a constitutional right of access to a release on both a police and or a court bail; learn the law well before commenting with sentiments, let her contact me on
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0 #5 WADADA rogers 2018-07-11 08:23
I do not want to point fingers at these two ladies but who am i to doubt or believe them.

It is possible that something sinister happened behind the scenes. I dont see how a person can ssteal that amonut of money and then go back home as if there is nothing wrong. Unfortunate
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+1 #6 Mubiru 2018-07-11 13:30
If those in top positions including Ministers are involved in stealing peasants' land what would you expect from a junior girl to do.

Working in a financial institution, she has seen how the so called nationalist "liberate" them with public funds with impunity.

I don't support thieves but the examples given by the so called leaders only encourages the juniors to follow suit. That's Uganda. Mugende mpola (go slow) in blaming the suspect.
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