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Nambooze's health could get worse - doctors

Doctors at Kiruddu hospital have warned that the spine problem that is troubling Mukono municipality MP Betty Nambooze could get worse if not given urgent attention.

Nambooze was hospitalised last week on Saturday after her health condition deteriorated at a time she was being held at Naggalama police station. She was first injured during a fracas at parliament on September 27 last year, triggered by controversies on a proposal to remove the cap on the presidential age from the Constitution.

During the time, security personnel believed to be attached to the elite presidential guards, Special Forces Command invaded parliament to evict a group of legislators who had been suspended by the speaker of parliament Rebecca Kadaga.

Betty Nambooze being attended to by a nurse at Kiruddu hospital

She was then flown to Manipal Spine Care Centre in India where she underwent surgery. According to her medical report, doctors said that she had suffered spinal cord compression and had undergone posterior lumbar decompression and fusion. The surgical procedure joins two or more bones together into one solid bone.

Online research indicates that spinal compression constitutes a true emergency because the initial injury to the spinal cord will lead to permanent loss of neurological function if the pressure on the cord is not relieved quickly.

A referral letter signed by Dr Waiswa Gonzaga, an orthopaedic surgeon from the Mulago national referral hospital in Mulago indicates that Nambooze complains of severe low back pain that has progressively increased over the past few weeks.  Her operating surgeon Dr Vidyadhara .S. had recommended that she returns to India for review on June 15.

But on the said date, Nambooze was under detention for allegedly inciting violence in relation to the assassination of Arua municipality MP Ibrahim Abiriga. She is now admitted at Kiruddu hospital.

Our reporter, who visited Nambooze at her sick bed, says that the legislator looks frail and is in a lot of pain. A doctor on duty, who however preferred anonymity, because he is restricted from talking to the media, said that screws that were fixed to support Nambooze's spine had been displaced.

"The pain is due to the pressure from one of the screws that are displaced from the Lumbar 4 (L4) vertebra. It is pressing on the nerve and it is stimulating the pain in both legs," the doctor said.

He added that Nambooze needs a second surgery to replace the screws adding that in Kiruddu, Nambooze is only getting supportive treatment which includes palliative care.

During the time of the visit to the hospital, four police officers in private uniform were sitting right at the entrance of the ward. The officers, who have been at the health facility since last week, come in on different shifts.

Kampala Lord Mayor, Erias Lukwago who is Nambooze's lawyer says they have pleaded with the government and the police to release Nambooze for treatment in vain. Lukwago also expressed displeasure at Nakawa Magistrate's court that issued a court order granting police permission to confiscate Nambooze's phones, computers to help with the investigations into the murder of Abiriga. 
Uganda Human Rights Commission (UHRC) chairperson Med Kaggwa who visited Nambooze called for her release saying her condition needs urgency. Kaggwa says even in her current state, she is unable to defend herself on the allegations against her.

"The commission is concerned that if anything happens to Nambooze as a result of the delay of her medical treatment, it would raise legitimate questions as to why she was treated while in police custody," Kaggwa stated.


+1 #11 Lakwena 2018-06-26 08:07
Quoting Ronald Mugisha:
The fate of Nambooze is the fate facing every Ugandan, even those laughing today. ..YOU WILL PAY ONE DAY

Mugisha, sometimes it is not TNT explosives that often send dictators fleeing for their dear lives.

The most powerful explosive is the unstoppable human emotion and anger at injustice and the unjust.

E.g. it was not AK47, missiles and machinegun-mounted Mambas that sent the Tunis president, Abidine Ben Ali packing in early 2011.

It was the self-immolation of Mohamed Bouazizi, which sparked the emotive explosive that blew Ben Ali out of Tunisia. The Tunisians especially women without fear and favor told Ben Ali "GET OUT"!

In other words, maybe the demise of Hon Nambooze will save this country, God knows.

In Tunisia it was the dehumanizing mass youth unemployment, inflation, corruption and the poor living condition that goes with such factors that tested the human limit.
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0 #12 Stewart 2018-06-26 11:22
Quoting Gwok:
Quoting Stewart:
Sorry Hon: unfortunately all her woes started with Obote, even the peace ushered in 1986 could not help, but for now the "Peace Ushers" need to be human enough and consider her health, she is no threat but just a comedian.

Sir. Obote did not do his things alone. He had the support of the Ganda against their own (Ben Kiwanuka), till the duo fell out in 1966. {You know that, Don't you?}

The start of Uganda's political problems rests with the Ganda's collusion with the Brits before 1962.

Sir, History is not an exact science subject, & is subject to interpretation. {The above is my interpretation of our shared history. I will accept yours & others' too}. Please have your say.

Sir, its Hon. Nambooze that told Uganda a while ago that if it was not because of Obote, she could have had even Phd, not my words Sir, she said and according to her, all her woes stared with Obote.Thanks
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