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Army wants retirement age increased

The army leadership wants parliament to review the Uganda Peoples' Defence Forces Act, 2005 to include clauses that it says will cater for the current situations and demands.
Deputy chief of defence forces, Lt. Gen. Wilson Mbadi disclosed this while addressing 575 officers and combatants of retirement batch 8A in Jinja district on Wednesday. Mbadi noted that some of the soldiers are forced to retire to fulfil the provisions of the Act yet they are still capable of serving their country.

According to the UPDF Act, warrant officers under class 1 retire at 50 years; class II at 48 years while staff sergeants and others leave at 46. However, Mbadi says they have proposed to parliament to review the entire Act.  

Lt. Gen. Wilson Mbadi with the commander of the Uganda People's Defence Forces Maj Gen Peter Elwelu at another event
"Review of all the UPDF Act on certain areas that we think have been overtaken by events. So, we want to bring them update to the current situation such that they are applicable to the current situation. It is not just about one officer, it includes age brackets where we think, probably certain ranks should be extended upwards such that those people serving in those brackets are given more time to serve because they give a lot to foundation ethics in the military." Mbadi said. 
According to Mbadi, they also want parliament to review the compensation for disability attained in service and the time they retire after sustaining injuries and pension given to low ranking officers. He cautioned the retiring soldiers to explore other career opportunities so as to continue living a profitable life outside forces.

Quoting Harry Emerson Fosdick, a famous American Pastor, Mbadi said "don't just retire from something, have something to retire to."

He told the officers to invest their pension in small businesses to support them to fend for their families. The army is slated to retire 1,297 officers and soldiers in 2018/2019 financial year comprising of 1,159 militants, 127 senior officers and 11 generals.


+4 #1 Lakwena 2018-06-22 10:13
Including Mr. M7, losing the state freebies and retirement into dehumanizing poverty, is bewildering many Ugandans in the public service.

No wonder the desperate and rampaging corruption in public offices: Without shame, steal until you drop, else!


In other words e.g., what is a small business for a retired Corporal Afande, in a remote, 1-bicycle trading center, among the impoverished and penniless peasants; in Kyalyamenvu in Kyazanga, or Apaa in Amuru or Palabek in Kitgum?

It is a comical suggestion Afande Wilson Mbadi is making.

Including dying, Ugandans must learn to let go of life itself. Otherwise, 100 years will become the retirement age in this country.

Which also means the youths will have retire from unemployment at 100 years, into finally resting in peace.
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-2 #2 Agakare 2018-06-22 11:19
Afande Mbadi thanks for strategic views.
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+2 #3 gatashimana 2018-06-22 11:48
The request to increase the retirement age is rather absurd coming from an army where most people want out because they are mistreated, underpaid, and exploited.

However, since the request is coming from a beneficiary on behalf of other beneficiaries then it's understandable.

When you retire you can't steal... We get the point. At this rate you will be forcefully driven out. Everything has a beginning and an end.
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+2 #4 Zaitun 2018-06-22 15:28
These army officers have over the years, learnt to consume without being productive save fighting useless wars in the region and entrenching their lonely goon in power for years.

If they want to die rich, they should have invested every coin earned while being fed by poor Ugandans who can not afford two meals a day.

Retirement is a must: if not, how will the Young ones get jobs? We are not ready to welcome old goons in ofice while breeding corruption as a word of "thanks" to Ugandans. Simply retire and face being liquidated by poverty.
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+3 #5 WADADA rogers 2018-06-22 16:11
So when do they expect the younger officers to take over when the older ones want to stay longer
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+3 #6 rubangakene 2018-06-22 17:21
That camouflage uniform really gives one a false sense of security and inflated ego.

The army is a field where your physical stamina decides your fate, full stop. If you start developing your stomach (mafuuta miingi), that's is a sign you are on your way out.

what will you do when they extend your stay in the army,eh? Will you beg to take care(slashing grass) of the barracks compound? No, just g back home and join the rest of the us who hustle by day to day.
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+4 #7 Lysol 2018-06-23 01:25
The retirement should be based on both physical and mental fitness, not just age.

Many of these soldiers are morbidly obese/ fat and don't look fit at all..

Museveni has turned the army into policing African countries like doing peace keeping which does not prepare them for combat readiness.

A strong military does not do peace keeping but fighting and leave peace keeping /policing to weaker armies. That is why the US military never does the job of peace keeping.
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+1 #8 Jama 2018-06-23 01:46
This army requires total reform. First and most important it must be detribalised in order to represent our national diversity.

To me this remains a mono tribally dominated army .Its not in any way Republican.

Secondly all military infrastructures must be modernised to enable the personal live a decent life.

Them lastly rejuvenate the army and send off all the remaining bushmen.
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