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Woman commits suicide over Shs 10,000

An 18-year-old woman has committed suicide in Moroto district after being called a thief by her relative.

Esther Anyakun, a resident of Camp Swahili Chini in South Division hanged herself inside the house on Monday morning. It is reported that Anyakun picked up a quarrel with her 13-year-old cousin over the loss of Shs 10,000 in the house.

Esther Anyakun reportedly committed suicide after being accused of stealing Shs 10,000

The quarrel that later degenerated into a fight reportedly forced Anyakun to take her life when the cousin accused her of stealing the money kept in the box.

According to Moroto district police commander Peter Ongwara, the deceased locked herself inside the house when she saw people approaching, threatening to take her to police. He explains that postmortem report indicates that she died of strangulation.
Whereas cases of suicide in Moroto are usually attributed to drunkenness, Anyakun's case points to fear of facing the police. Ongwara says police has recorded about four cases of suicide, mainly from Rupa since the year started.


0 #1 Lakwena 2018-06-12 09:33
In other words, while our leaders are posturing and chest-thumbing over a middle income economy; on the contrary many Ugandans are stressed unto death because of absolute poverty and the hopelessness that goes with it.

We live in a disgraced and a sad country. May Esther Anyakun's soul be at peace.
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+1 #2 Stewart 2018-06-12 09:35
No please, in this part of the country, people take honesty as a serious matter and any action that goes to portray one as dishonest is detested, its either a case of fear of shame or temper for being framed yet honest.
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