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NRM people corrupt, feel entitled - minister Ecweru

Relief and Disaster Preparedness state minister Musa Ecweru has said many people in the ruling party, NRM have plundered the country's resources, accumulating wealth because they think they're entitled.

Ecweru was speaking in parliament today as MPs honoured Arua municipality MP Ibrahim Abiriga. The NRM enthusiast was gunned down on Friday evening with his his brother also bodyguard, Saidi Congo Buga near Energo fuel station in Kirinnyabigo in Kawanda, Wakiso district. 

The session, which ran from 9:30am to 2pm, saw legislators across the political divide heaping praise on their former colleague. Prime minister Dr Ruhakana Rugunda moved the motion for the resolution of parliament honour the deceased. It was seconded by leader of opposition Winnie Kiiza. 

Minister Musa Ecweru warned his NRM colleagues against feeling entitled

Ecweru said Abiriga remained humble despite doing all he did for his party.

"There are many of us in NRM when you do a small thing, you think you should be treated a special person. There are many of us in NRM who have accumulated unnecessary wealth because we think we are entitled. Abiriga has done what he has done but he remained humble....We as NRM need to humble ourselves," said Ecweru.

"We as NRM need to humble ourselves. If we keep this sense of entitlement we’ll ruin the country. And in putting Abiriga to rest, we need to emulate Abiriga. People can say anything, but he was what he was because he believed in what he believed in."

Ecweru also said the reason Abiriga was so patriotic and loved President Museveni so much was because he saw Museveni as the only unifying factor still holding the country together. He also said Abiriga was influenced by his horrible exile and hence wished no Ugandan to ever be forced into exile in current times.  

Speaker after speaker across the political divide eulogised Abiriga for his social, humble and honest character. 

Kiiza said there is need for government to take control of the security of the country. Kiiza told the house that during the State of the Nation address on Tuesday, they joked with Abiriga about crossing to each other's party, saying it is saddening to wake up and see him dead. 

Ibrahim Abiriga's body lying in state at parliament  

Junior Internal Affairs minister Obiga Kania said despite his different political positions, Abiriga did not steal the resources he was exposed to.

"With all the resources he was exposed to, all the positions he held, Abiriga died a poor man, the house he had in Kawanda was bought by a loan he picked from parliament when he joined. Others could have diverted money but he did not. He was never corrupt," said Kania.

First lady also Education and Sports minister Janet Museveni seemed to imply that Abiriga may have been killed for political reasons. She also said much as people have a right to blame government, they shouldn't forget that the responsibility of ensuring safety is in the hands of each Ugandan.

"There are those who have the capacity to hate Hon. Abiriga so much to the extent of mercilessly killing him in cold blood clearly shows us that the direction we’re taking is regrettable. And, I can’t stop hoping that indeed his death clearly becomes the mirror that now all of us, will hold to ourselves to search our hearts and ask ourselves the questions whether our daily work, our speech in an any way could have contributed anything to this hatred that is bringing this merciless murders in our country." she said.

Buhweju MP Francis Mwijukye lambasted President Museveni for claiming that the killers of Abiriga were cowards and idiots who hate the ruling party. Mwijukye said Abiriga's killing should be a wakeup call for the authorities to improve the security situation of every Ugandan.

"Security of all Ugandans should be our major concern. If we are still being killed by idiots and cowards as being said, then we are not serious. These are not idiots or cowards, these are serious killers. There's a big problem," he said.

It was a sombre mood in parliament as MPs paid their respects 

Speaker of parliament Rebecca Kadaga showed to MPs what she claimed was a social media message reportedly posted earlier in March warning that Abiriga would be killed in the first week of June 2018. We have however since established that it is highly likely that the posts were backdated to make the post appear genuine, hours after the MP was gunned down. 

Andrew Baryayanga, the Kabale Municipality MP, says Abiriga had an unquestionable loyalty to the NRM party. He said Abiriga will be remembered as man who served the country diligently in different capacities.

Hood Katurama Kiribedda, who represented the Muslim parliamentary caucus, said Abiriga had the rare attributes of humility and calmness, adding that the deceased practiced what he preached.

Ismail Ogama Alli, the Madi Lower County MP in Arua, said Abiriga would do anything that works in the interest of his people.

He said Abiriga joined the rebels in West Nile to fight against bad leadership, adding that the region has lost a good man, whose only crime was truthfulness, being a common man and a man of distinguished leadership.

Abiriga's body has been airlifted to Arua where his and his brother will be laid to rest at their ancestral home in Lukudu village in Rhino camp sub county in Lower Madi constituency. He is survived by a widow and nine children.
Information on the official website of parliament shows that Abiriga was born on May 6, 1956. He has been a legislator and serving on the Committee of Defense and Internal Affairs. He holds a Certificate in Administrative Law from Uganda Christian University and Certificate in Public Administration from the same institution issued in 2008 and 2015 respectively.

Abiriga also has a Certificate in Public Administration and Management from Makerere University issued in 2015. Abiriga served as the resident district commissioner for Arua for 12 years from 2001 before he was transferred to Yumbe. He resigned from the post to contest for a parliamentary seat, which he won in February 2016.


+1 #11 Odongkara 2018-06-11 10:52
Quoting Mihanda Robert:
Kudos Honourable Ecweru,you are sport on.

The truth ought to be said,humility is required of many in the NRM party, we need to stop this cancer of amassing wealth that can't be explained.

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+1 #12 Odongkara 2018-06-11 10:59
For once at least you can hear some of these "entitled" M7 MPigs, M7idiots talk truth and Musa Ecweru has done it!!

This cancer of "entitlement" originates from the NRM idiotic ideology of "we fought, we liberated, we brought peace"
Report to administrator
+1 #13 Odongkara 2018-06-11 11:06
The NRM idiots who think they're entitled to each and everything and everyone in Uganda because they fought and brought peace to Uganda is the curse of the nation.

The killings and chronic corruption is due to this Museveni manufactured syndrome and it will destroy the country to the ground.
Report to administrator
+1 #14 Odongkara 2018-06-11 11:14
South Sudan is on fire because of this "entitlement" syndrome. The SPLA/M, an outcrop of the NRA/M feels and believes it's entitled to the resources of the country.

The result is high levels of corruption in the highest levels of government, murders of opponents etc.

The same is what Musa Ecweru talks about. Ugandans are in Uganda today because there is no country in the region that can take them as refugees enmasse!
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+1 #15 Odongkara 2018-06-11 13:26
Quoting Kirya:
I can not mourn for the yellow pig who was confused by the bushmen.

It is time to take note that Ugandans are sick of the rotten regime of refuges.

You will regret such statement when is your own dying.

To have a political or religious inclination doesn't condemn one to the grave in such a brutal manner. Do you know the norther northern spirit? Better watch your words.
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0 #16 Yumbe 2018-06-11 13:40
The leadership of Uganda has failed to identify with the citizens, otherwise the wordings and the body language during the requiem mass would have been different.

If one is to study Ecweru's wordings and the rest of other MPs who identity with Ugandans, they are concerned, worried but have no power to reverse things. In sum, they are helpless. The snake has entered the house.
Report to administrator
0 #17 Wooden K. 2018-06-11 14:02
Ba Ssebo ne ba Nnyabo,

Abiriga gets shot and they show up to pause for picaz in sombre mood.

H.E. Super Glue comes out out yelling instructions , cursing pigs and idiots.

Naye bassebo ne Bannyabo, some of us have good memory ; two years ago , more than 160 UGANDANS were SHOT DEAD , undressed and their bodies left in the open to rot. This was IN KASESE

The man who commanded the massacre was promoted . Asuman Mugyenyi , who was one of the men who organized the massacre was there at the place was with H.E at the site where Abiriga was shot.

Where are the picas of the sombre mood when those Ugandans were shot ?

Where was the wonderful speech from the first lady when the people in Kasese were brutally gunned down ?

What did Abiriga say about the Kasese massacre ?
Report to administrator
0 #18 Jama 2018-06-11 14:30
The National ruining murderers is movement which is surviving because of corruption and gunpoint.

Their leader has anticipated responsibility by accusing the opposition. And the people in Arua are pointing the fingers at the regime.

Once upon a time they claimed to have arrested the who murderd Kawesi the sheiks and other victims but to the public supprise people continue to be killed.

Are those arrested the killers or there is a dark hand behind from somewhere behind all this macabre.

To whom benefits these crimes? Be aware certain speeches which could be in form of crocodile tears. But the truth will come to light one day.j
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0 #19 Lakwena 2018-06-11 15:28
Hon Janet Kataha, when your "master of violence" husband, took to the bush, which led to demise of millions of people, including genocide in Rwanda in 1994; did you ever regret that direction?

In other words, because you are now the beneficiary of that direction Mr. M7 took in 1981 it was not regrettable. But why should it now be regrettable, the direction some people are taking it out on innocent people like Abiriga?

What goes around comes around! Your slimy, smooth, soothsaying is full of deception, hence can't save this country.

It is high time you all packed your bags, left town and our State House. Otherwise, more innocent people will die because your arrogance and greed.
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0 #20 Wooden K. 2018-06-11 16:33
Hello Lakwena !

Observer has a prophet . His name : Dokita Satire Ssentongo.

In 2017 , he wrote an Abirigaic adage like this :

" however far a man may urinate , the last drop will fall on his feet ".

The prophet also drew a cartoon on the subject of Abirigaic Urination.

The First Lady spoke from her high place and forgot what is close to her feet.

There is a man in her bed who become famous because he was good at shooting people dead.

We can`t plant weeds and expect to reep tomatoes.
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