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Abiriga's killers idiots - Museveni

President Yoweri Museveni has called the killers of Ibrahim Abiriga, the Arua Municipality member of parliament idiots.

The MP, who shot to fame when he triggered debate on the removal of the presidential age limit, was gunned down together with his bodyguard, Saidi Buga on Friday night on the way to his residence in Matugga between 6.30pm and 7pm. 

Addressing mourners at the legislator's residence in Kawanda in Wakiso district this morning, Museveni said Abiriga's killing, demonstrates the stupidity of those opposed to NRM. Museveni addressed mourners in Swahili.

President Museveni addressing mourners at Abiriga's home. Photo: @AnnetKamya

According to Museveni, although investigations into Abiriga's assassination are ongoing, there is a high possibility that the masterminds of the murder wanted to hurt his National Resistance Movement (NRM). Abiriga was a renowned admirer of the NRM, president Museveni and the yellow colour. 

At the height of the heated presidential age limit amendment debate last year, Abiriga’s Arua home was attacked by possible arsonists who failed in their deadly mission. A small jerrycan full of petrol was thrown into his house but it didn’t spark fire.

Museveni said the assassins are looking for avenues to destroy the country but found defeat them like his government has done in the past.

Museveni reiterated the government's proposal to install CCTV cameras on highways to monitor the entire the country. Museveni explained that government hadn't prioritized the installation of the cameras because it was concentrating on infrastructure development.

He also said government will consider restoring Local Defence Unit personnel in all villages, saying in the case of Abiriga, residents could have confronted the killers but couldn't do much since they aren't armed.
Residents through Rajab Lamu, the Nansana Municipality NRM chairperson tasked Museveni to explain delayed conclusion of high profile murders. They include among others the murder of former police spokesperson Andrew Felix Kaweesi, senior principal state attorney Joan Kagezi and Sheikh Maj. Mohammed Kiggundu.

Museveni tasked Asuman Mugyenyi, the police director of operations to update the residents on the case. In his response, Mugyenyi, said several suspects are being prosecuted in court. However, the president cut him short and told him to use the media and update the country detailing the names of the suspects and how far their trial has reached, a thing Mugyenyi said they will do.

One resident said she saw the gunmen. "There were two men riding on a boda boda and had big guns. In fact I had never seen them before, and when they fired bullets we all had to hide, bullets were many and I couldn't count them," she said.
Residents say although there is police post a few meters from the scene of crime, the first officer arrived almost 40 minutes after the shooting. More police officers started arriving at the scene after 8pm and cordoned it off to give a lee way to the forensic analysts to do their job. 


+4 #21 juwait kali 2018-06-09 22:57
What you call idiots other people call them banunuzi remember in your luwero Bush dayz??

Any ways you can buy a satellite but
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+1 #22 gwok 2018-06-09 23:07
Quoting Akot:
Kayumba, understood, but,

Why would museveni resign when he has what he wants & is assured of his next 30 years? ...Dictators, conquerors, bad rulers are thrown out by a UNTED people or armed war! Only European democracies see leaders standing down-calling for early election when people come out to demonstrate their frustrations!

Dear Akot, you got that Libyan analogy just about right. As I said before, the Libyans wanted to remove their dictator from power (the purpose for that revolution) but they had not agreed beforehand on their Overall Objective.

That is why they continue to fight each other - they have no agreement on their collective overall objective after Gadhafi was gone.

I repeat here that we (Ugandans) are with exactly the same dilemma. Disunity is the RESULT of Lack of Agreed overall objective [not tribalism]. tribes give the natural dividing line between warring people but is not on its own the CAUSE. Are you still with me?
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+2 #23 Ugthinker 2018-06-09 23:33
It’s only in Uganda where assassins do it and do it again and no serious actin is taken save for Museveni’s nonsensical outbursts!

These outbursts in my view are just diversionary, which brings us closer to understanding the perpetrator(s)!

Ugandans just need to identify their oppressors, how they do it will then no longer confuse them!
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+5 #24 Lysol 2018-06-09 23:49
Those were not wajinga (idiots), unless Museveni knows them.

Otherwise he is downplaying and making a complete mockery of the killing as not important. Idiots would not succeed easily and idiots always change the course of history.

He was once also called an idiot and a bundit by others. Were are they now?
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+3 #25 Jama 2018-06-10 01:33
The first idiots are those who uprooted both term and age limit from our constitution

Then followed by those who killed the young man in Bushenyi or Rukungiri during age limit protest.

And lastly those barbaric thugs who assaulted the MPs in Parliament .
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0 #26 Lakwena 2018-06-11 08:47
In other words, since Mr. M7 never means what he says, e.g. "Fundamental change" meant no change; and he despises all his sycophants like Hon Abiriga (RIP), to Mr. M7 the word "idiot" means "bravo"!
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+1 #27 Lakwena 2018-06-11 08:54
When Mr. M7 says the murder of Abiriga "demonstrates the stupidity of those opposed to NRM", but how sure is he that the murderers of Abiriga are not NRM insiders, who are sick and tired of him (M7), and see the Abiriga of NRM country as the enigma and stumbling blocks to his immediate exit.
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