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Father kills son for missing school

Police in Pader is holding a father accused of assaulting his son to death for refusing to attend school.
The suspect is Denis Omony, a resident of Omaki Gira village in Ogom sub-county, Pader district.

Omony reportedly hit his 7-year-old son, Richard Odokonyero, a primary one pupil of Pader Ogom primary school in Pader with a stick on the head killing him instantly on Wednesday afternoon.
Omony reportedly accused the minor of refusing to put on his school uniform and report to school. Patrick Jimmy Okema, the Aswa River police spokesperson says Omony will be charged with murder.


+1 #1 Lakwena 2018-06-08 11:17
In other words, it is a sad affair. Because of surplus poverty, hopelessness and formal education has become a high risk (factored in by runaway unemployment); many Ugandan parents are stressed and lash out on their children unto death.

Or the father, Denis Omony has figured out that Richard Odokonyero is not his son
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0 #2 Akot 2018-06-08 19:00
Lakwena, understood.

Corporal punishment in Uganda has been going on for too long: many of us have scars that remind us of this cruel punishment practiced by our own parents & at school!

It's time women go for men to have babies they can afford to raise, with or without the father, or not go for men to have babies at all!

Uganda is a country where women decide when, how many kids & with whom they want, right?

After paying school fees, parents expect chidrden to attend classes, but children MUST be made to understand the importance of going to school!

Ugandans do hear of pregnant women, mothers with kids, unaccompanied under aged children, dying to reach Europe for Education, healthacre..., right?
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+1 #3 Mubiru 2018-06-08 19:26
Poverty and other lame excuses have nothing to do with rampant murders in Uganda..

The only reason why people use these twisted excuses is because there is no one to implement the written law in the Statutes books of Uganda that murderers must be executed.

Under the present circumstances murderers like the thieves who have depleted the country of its wealth have become untouchable, especially the well connected.

That is the very reason why a non-connected Muganda murderer was executed at the gallows while his boss a well connected Rwakasisi and a convicted executioner is freely enjoying his "retirement" from his killing spree duties while at the same time advising the Head of State.

I am not sure on which matters Museveni seeks the man's advice. That's our Uganda and poverty has nothing to do with such criminality. POOR Richard Odokonyero MAY God Bless your soul.
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0 #4 Akot 2018-06-10 18:36
Mubiru, understood, but,

Let's not be thrown into anger, more confusion, frustration... because it's us & our children the victims of all this situation Museveni has brought us ALL to!

What place do parents who struggle to get school fees & children have in this survival of the fittest in Museveni Uganda?

Bad governance is the sources of all evil in any country & Uganda is no exception: if we don't throw Museveni out in UNITY, he will end up destroying us completely!

What comes first for Ugandans is "chanve of leader", without which, cirme of all sort will rain on Ugandans!

While as you say, there is no excuse for murder, "money" is today the best excuse/reason for crime all over the world!

This is why Ugandans MUST bring an end to Museveni's evil rule, then give chance, through good governance, to prevent crime, make sure criminals are punished!
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